EVE in a Browser

EVE Anywhere – which allows you to play EVE in a browser, has moved into Beta.


It does not require a download, it works in the four main browsers, it runs in the cloud, and displays at 1080p and 60FPS.

The Beta is only available to US players at the moment who meet connection speed and browser requirements, which counts me out.

There are a few interesting comments.

CCP indicated in the early trial that first time EVE players using EVE Anywhere stay for longer, with higher numbers converting into full-time pilots.

CCP also said this Beta test will explore “the potential of wider availability in the future”. That does not entirely inspire confidence. A surprising number of CCP’s endeavours never get past the Beta stage.

While Beta testers will get to try EVE Anywhere for free, it is apparent that if released, Alpha accounts will need to pay something to access it.

I think this feature could have a surprisingly positive impact. If you have plans and goals and are playing the game regularly, it could be a very useful tool.

6 thoughts on “EVE in a Browser

  1. At the same time you publish database come out and sudden disconnect. I know can be a concidence, but is very easy made a dumb asyncronous error for multibrowse jaa or similar. Myself have bad connection in house, and my country is strange that speed.

    Will be interestin gcheck if tomorrow the eve browser beta continue, what changes in a patch, and a postmortem explication of this database error.

  2. I may check it out just because and something to do to see what it’s about. However, I did log into EVE within the last month and just stared at the login screen at the hangar and realize I was totally lost just looking at everything. I could barely recognize any of the things I clicked on the left side of the screen even though as I clicked on them, I remembered what they were like Wallet, Corp stuff, etc. My Corp and the Alliance it founded were all still around. But barely anyone much had logged into the Corp in well over a year. None of the old friends I knew were playing either and don’t appear to have played in a long time.

    Spent maybe 20 mins just considering the game and things, spinning wheels in my mind looking at the screen. I logged out after. I don’t think I have the inclination or desire at this point to relearn things. That would be a huge uphill task.

    • The basics are unchanged, although I must admit that when I return to some part of the game I haven’t touched in years I find myself a bit bewildered. There are plenty of new bits and pieces, but they tend to be focused on encouraging players to lose ships. You have to min/max to farm, where I have always preferred more of a relaxed distraction from EVE. If you do ever return to the game let me know – I can send plenty of ISK your way.

      • I will likely just pop in and out of the game as time goes on. It’s just hard to see me getting back into it at this point unless I learn something that changes my thinking. EVE required a particular level of focus to get back into, relearn and get back up to speed. Loving space sims for me never changes. But it would be just more fun to put the focus on learning something new, different, and refreshing at this point. So won’t need any of the ISK unless I feel like I really want to play and do something. You have been a good steward of it otherwise.

        There are just other games for me to try and play and some new ones upcoming to play as I get back a bit into gaming again as well as blogging. Sometimes some of us do come back from a long hiatus but not many always do.

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