EVE’s 18th Birthday

Another 7 weeks passed between posts – where does the time go? I am not playing EVE, but it is not just EVE’s fault. Real life is smashing me to smithereens. I have been saying that for years, but it just keeps on getting worse. The extra job I reluctantly took on before Christmas has resulted in a stupid amount of additional hours, far too much I am not paid for. My wife – whose scheduling of our kids lives long ago passed child abuse levels, has gone berserk. There is no room for EVE. There is no room for me. It is all just very unpleasant.

On a more cheery note, EVE has now turned 18. In Australia it can buy and consume alcohol. I wonder if it would be the type to be responsible, or go off the rails?

There are 8 days of daily login birthday gifts, including (apparently) 450,000 Skill points if you have a paid account.

Worth launching to the log in screen to collect.