EVE’s 18th Birthday

Another 7 weeks passed between posts – where does the time go? I am not playing EVE, but it is not just EVE’s fault. Real life is smashing me to smithereens. I have been saying that for years, but it just keeps on getting worse. The extra job I reluctantly took on before Christmas has resulted in a stupid amount of additional hours, far too much I am not paid for. My wife – whose scheduling of our kids lives long ago passed child abuse levels, has gone berserk. There is no room for EVE. There is no room for me. It is all just very unpleasant.

On a more cheery note, EVE has now turned 18. In Australia it can buy and consume alcohol. I wonder if it would be the type to be responsible, or go off the rails?

There are 8 days of daily login birthday gifts, including (apparently) 450,000 Skill points if you have a paid account.

Worth launching to the log in screen to collect.

8 thoughts on “EVE’s 18th Birthday

  1. Good see you are alive. In the past wi pass some similar situation. Rare job and MY wife become to slide to crazyness when a member of family die. Two very stange rare years, around 14 years ago. Divorced and now with a new wife…. 12 years wed now Not fault of the first one, but was rare see that micromagnament of time, creating other issues. Thankfully i see the other issues, and can act accord that.

    • I have for a long time remarked on the impact real life has had on restricting my EVE experience. As I find myself spending weeks between undocking in game, I needed to acknowledge this absence was not a conscious choice or giving in to the siren calls of the Bitter Vet. It was hard to know how to summarise what is a complicated situation at home. My wife straddles a line between brilliant mother and mad woman. She has sought out and given our kids many fantastic opportunities. They all come together to look great on Facebook, but behind the scenes they flirt with great dysfunction. No idea where it will all land.

  2. (This is Turamarth BTW)

    Well… I think you know where I am as regards EVE. I left last Dec after I discovered Star Citizen was far far away more alive, more energetic, more expansive and far more First Person than EVE can ever be. So I left after 10 years ingame. No regrets.

    But now… things IRL have taken a sudden, drastic, and amazing turn… I know you are having a hard time of it and I hope it is ok to share this,

    I retire on May 14th, 2021… this very coming Friday as I type this.

    Long story (obviously) but the $$ plans came together far better and sooner than expected. So we took the plunge and sent in my 2 weeks notice and boom. I’m freaked out TBH. I, and now we, have worked so hard and so long for this goal only to have like EVERYTHING thrown into a deathspiral by Covid in Mar of 2020.

    CJ did retire in June of 2020 as planned, but her fleeing Chicago in late March and basically moving down here with me months before we planned it AND cancelling our barely scratched out “wedding plans” for June 20, all because of Covid. Then to spend the whole of Quarantine together, which was really wonderful & incredibly weird at the same time.

    Only for both of us to just now get fully vaccinated RIGHT as our financial guy emails us and says “Hey, you can retire now.” … Ummmm, what? So all of our plans died a weird scary death more than a year ago only to spring up a month ago far advanced from what we thought it would take.

    This means that the real search for that ~40′ Sailboat starts in earnest now… as does our travel plans.

    Hermit, my friend, I want very much to keep in touch with you in the years to come as one of my bucket list stops on our round the world tour, is your home. I’d like very much to sit with you and raise a glass of whatever you like to our shared years and experiences in EVE. Wish us luck!

    • Tur – that’s great news! Congratulations on the impending retirement. I would not blame you if you were feeling a little out of sorts with the suddenness of it all.

      Retirement has been on my mind of late – although not my own. I’ve been chatting to an old work colleague as he moves towards retirement at the end of June. His plans involve lots of wilderness hiking and camping.

      Nice to hear that your quarantining with your better half worked out well. Good practise for the years spent together on a yacht! I understand it can be a hard slog to find the right yacht, but I hope the journey is enjoyable.

      I would be more than happy to show you around my home state when you get here. Even if you don’t get this far south in Australia, I can always fly up to a port you do reach. I’m hoping you’ll be blogging or on youtube or some other platform so I can keep track of your travels.

      Send an email to doug at evehermit.com – so I can forward my home email address.

      Good luck! Bet Saturday is going to feel rather strange!

  3. Happy birthday Eve! After 18 years one still plays Eve. I started june 2003 I was 23 then now I’m 40 so just about half my life I been playing Eve 🙂
    Nice blog you have! I also read your post about your new screens, that you run eve on six screens. Thats is really impressive! I was thinking about upgrade to 6 screens as well so I have a few questions. I run Eve on 3 screens 2 graphics cards in (SLI) surround mode. How do you set up your six screens with the graphics cards? Assuming here that you run more then one card in your computer with sli or crossfire :). Do you use one or maybe two “displayport splitters” from one of your graphics cards and all your screens are connected from only one of your graphics cards? I’m very interested in how you set up yours? As I’m doing the research myself on how to do it.
    My main character in game is “Bibi”

    Have a good day

    • Hi Stefan. I run 3xFHD screens off an older GTX 1060, and 3x4K screens off an RTX 2060 Super. They all use Display Port, and are directly plugged into the cards. I had issues with mixed connections (Display Port and HDMI) – with screens “coming online” in different orders during each boot up. It has been reliable since using Display Port for all of them. I have used SLI previously, but it is not really actively supported any more and doesn’t really help much with multiple EVE clients. I don’t have any performance issues in day to day use, or playing games like Minecraft, Blizkrieg, Factorio, Terraria, Cyberpunk and what not. I’ve played two EVE clients at 3000×1800 and high detail without issue on the current setup. I’ve played up to 4 2K clients with dual 1060’s with a few settings dialed back ok. 32GB of ram probably helps there. I’ve looked at some of the new 30xx series, but noticed lots don’t actually have 3 Display Ports. Something to be aware of when shopping around. Good luck.

      • Hi! Thanks for the answer. Is it even possible to use the six screens in sli surround mode? When I connect one screen with displayport to the first graphics card and then another screen to the second graphics card, also with displayport connection, my computer dont give me the option to even activate the surround with the nvidia control settings, when I test it. But if I connect them to the same graphics card both connected via displayport on the same card it works with nvidia sli surround. How do you do this?

      • I have not spanned displays with Surround sorry. I have not had the need to have a game client larger than 4K.

        Glancing at it just now, I don’t have an option to use surround with the 4K screens. (It is greyed out.) I can (apparently) set it up with my 3xFHD screens if I wanted. They are all on the same card.

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