To exist

We are in our sixth COVID lockdown here. More than 200 days of dispiriting personal, education and business confinement and restrictions since the pandemic was declared in March last year.

In Lockdown 1 to 5 our leaders could gloss over the notable costs by looking at the final successful suppression of the outbreaks. Lockdown 6 however has not been so successful, with the Delta variant slowly spreading and growing regardless.

There is little hope being offered up, just a perpetual lockdown for the rest of the year until Vaccine supplies improve. Our response to COVID has been directed by Medical Bureaucrats, who understandably try to save every single life regardless the cost. I have friends who applaud it. The result however is that we exist, but do not live.

I went through my EVE Game logs earlier. I have mostly remembered to collect the daily rewards. It has been around 6 weeks however since I logged into a Station, and 12 weeks since I undocked. I have thought to play a couple of times, but it is almost like I am hesitant to do so as it will break my run of not playing.

It was an email from World of Warships offering me free Premium ships if I returned that got me thinking about EVE again.

I did start up my gaming laptop tonight. I had in mind transferring some assets between my Main and an Alt on an Alpha account. You can not run an Alpha and an Omega account at the same time on the same computer, but you can (shhhh) on different computers at the same time. The problem is it had been more than a month since I last started the laptop and I spent 60 minutes on and off applying Window, Intel, nVidia, ASUS, Security and multiple game patches and updates. My interest waned. Maybe next time.

I did allow the automatic payment of my WordPress upgrades to go through. I obviously haven’t quite given up just yet.

4 thoughts on “To exist

  1. I am so deeply sorry to hear of all that is happening in Oz…

    I, as an American, extremely and deeply disagree with “public health” being abused by “politics”. IMHO it is a sad damned shame & disgrace that this will all be looked back on one day as something akin to world wide mass political insanity… but, we are different countries and, well, my opinion is just that… only one man’s opinion.

    For our part, we (my wife and I) after 2 Moderna shots & 2 weeks months ago, WE ARE DONE.
    For us this insane, abused, weaponized, politicized and gods-be-damned “pandemic” is OVER.

    We have spent the last 2 weeks traveling. 2 days in Nags Head, NC., vacationing, 2 days in Savannah, GA., visiting my son, 4 days in Largo Fl., touring the Island Packet Yachts boatyard (the reason for the trip), 2 days in Atlanta, GA., just ’cause, and 2 days here in Odenville Al., visiting friends…

    We leave tomorrow for 4 days in Jacksonville, Fl. having cancelled our trip to New Orleans to avoid the Wrath of Hurricane Ida. After that we head back to Nags Head for 3 days then back home. And we have not worn a mask nor been turned away even once at ANY venue, store or restaurant we have been to.

    I feel so horribly bad and sad for you my dear friend, and for ALL of the politically abused citizens of Oz, and the world. I pray your leaders and “Medical Bureaucrats” get their collective heads out of their asses and give your people back the freedoms and LIVES “they” have taken from them. Mearley to “exist” is not enough, it is not LIVING.

    The Wuhan Flu did not do this to you and your people… Politics, fear and sheer damned idiocy did.

    I miss you Hermit, and in my way, I pray for you.

      • Thank you Helena, the same to you and yours. Good to hear from you. All my best top you Hermit, my good friend.

    • Thanks Tur. I do not fault the medical bureaucrats. Saving lives is their job. It was the responsibility of our Politicians to ask the right questions, and to find every opportunity for us all to enjoy life as much as possible while having measures in place to protect us. I understand the difficulty of balancing such an approach – but our leaders have not tried. By the time we are scheduled to come out of this lockdown, our little family of 4 will have spent combined over 1,000 days confined to walking distance around our house. Multiply that by the 5M people in our city, and you have well over a Billion days of really living life lost. I think it was a cost spent a little too easily. This last lockdown has been a bit of a wearisome slog! Ironically my wife and I are double dose vaccinated, but by the time we should get freedoms, our protection from catching COVID will have close to halved. We shouldn’t get seriously sick, but we will be more likely to spread it onwards.

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