Matters Not

The system of Uedama lies between my current home system and Jita. When I want to go to the game’s biggest Trade Hub, I need to pass through it.

Uedama has a security level of 0.5 and is a suicide ganking choke point. In my unscientific observations it seems to be much more regularly camped now that Niarja was ripped out of known space and into Pockven by the Triglavians.

I have never lost a ship in a chokepoint system – or a trade hub for that matter. I have always made deliberate and careful decisions around the size of the ships tank and the value of fittings and cargo I move through such systems. I might end up making twice as many jumps, but I try to find the point where I am not worth the effort to Gank.

With CCP’s big economic adjustments over the last year or two, they have both reduced the general income in the game and made larger ships much more expensive. In Hi-Sec that has seen the Orca price increase to around 1.7B ISK, and Freighters to increase to over 3B ISK.

Out in NULL sec, the new price of Capital and Super Capital ships has apparently seen a reduction in the willingness to risk such assets in a fight. A sort of own Goal by CCP, although I am not suggested they did not need to do something about wealth generation and inequity.

In Hi-Sec the increased hull prices of capital ships seems to have triggered a psychological change in Suicide Gankers. I keep any eye on the killboards for Uedama and other choke point systems. I am seeing a consistently larger number of empty Freighters being ganked than what I would expect. It seems an empty and unprofitable 3B ISK Freighter kill is worth it – because they know it will hurt the pilot, and it pads the Killboard.

What it means is that if you pilot a Freighter around Hi-Sec, there are no deliberate or careful decision you can make to give you a comfortable risk verse reward calculation. You are at real risk while doing nothing to generate ISK.

This is not a cry for a risk-free EVE, or a demand for more income in game or less, or wanting ships to be cheaper or more expensive, or ganking to be easier or harder. It is an acknowledgement of an aspect of the game where your decisions now matter less, and randomness matters more.

Meanwhile I finally got around to undocking and looking through my EVE Assets. I had four Orca’s – purchased for between 600 and 800M ISK. I sold two for 1.7+B ISK each.

4 thoughts on “Matters Not

  1. I don’t disagree with your over all assessment, but a freighter pilot can use a scout or a Webber to travel in close-to-perfect safety. If you’re risking a 3B isk hull, that seems like a decent trade off. I personally only haul at quieter times, or I just pay someone else to haul for me.

    Big fan of the blog – have been for years.

    • Thanks for your comment. While it is possible to scout or web a freighter without paying for a second account, I’ve only viewed it as providing a moderate level of extra safety, not a significant level. Maybe it is just me – but I tend not to be able to coordinate it smoothly all the time! I have momentary lapses where I leave ships stationary in space for a bit too long, or find my situational awareness on either account is dangerously less than if I was just running one. In particular I am talking about picking up the sound and sign that you are being cargo scanned, which can happen several systems before a pipe chokepoint. The gankers I see in the same systems day after day seem to be fairly proficient. Are they reliably beaten by webbing?

      • I gank occasionally (in addition to being a hisec industrialist). I’m not top tier, but I generally don’t bother with people taking basic precautions because there’s too much risk of a failed gank, and during busy times someone not taking precautions will be along shortly. Too many targets to worry about the smart ones. If you keep your cargo value reasonable and your wits about you you’re nearly impervious to ganks. (The old saying about not needing to be faster than the lion, just faster than the other guy applies here)

  2. I pay 1.5 – 2% in collateral and get someone else to take the risk because I know the gankers are more proficient at the keyboard than I will ever be. I guess it all boils down to Rule 1.

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