Flung down the Rabbit Hole

The City I live in is some 40 days into COVID Lockdown 6.  I think we have been in Lockdown for 225 days now – and projected to remain in lockdown for least 60 days more.  That is when we should reach 70% of the population being double dosed vaccinated.  We don’t know what freedoms we will get back at that point – so it is not clear if we will remain in Lockdown or not.  In 80+ days we should reach 80% double dosed vaccinated, when more freedoms will be returned.  I am left with the impression that the Leader of our State has no other ideas.

It does leave me with more time for EVE.

I still loath the Gate Jump transition.  I am irritated by it every single time.  I go through the client settings once a week hoping to find CCP has added the option to turn it off – to no avail.

I am trying to get back into the habit of reading the patch notes.

EVE Version 19.07, patch 2021-08-10.1

“Increased the maximum volume level in-game videos can be set to. Set the default volume of videos to be at max volume.”

That item gave me a mini-heart attack.  The Videos had sound?  I had visions of how Facebook inserts Video Ads at 100% volume (or 50% volume if you find and turn on quiet mode).  I immediately went looking for how to turn this down.

But there was no setting.  I think it is just the World Level volume.  I have that set to a low background mumbling, and there seemed to be no impact from CCP’s update.  Crisis adverted.