New Caldari

For a long time, I just resigned myself to our Lockdowns.  We were told over and over that they were saving lives and protecting our health systems from being overrun.  As time has gone on and on, I find myself less amenable towards them.

When compared to the rest of the world we do seem to have saved lives.  How many will have to be calculated after we have moved to living with COVID and deaths spike.  Then we will see what our expected 280-300+ days of city-wide Lockdowns have paid for.

So, distractions are more and more important, and EVE offers up a little of that.

EVE Version 19.07, patch 2021-09-01.1

“New Caldari landmark sites can be found within the New Caldari and Urlen systems.”

I do not generally check out new landmarks – but I decide to do so this time.  I head over to New Caldari in a very dirty Astero.  I have been spending a lot of time in Pyfa, revisiting again what might be the best Hi-Sec Data/Relic Exploration hull now that the Pacifier is in the mix.

There are two location beacons in system – Derelict Ruins and Landfall Kutuoto Miru Orbital Center.  I presume the second site is the new one.  I’ve paid little attention to Landmarks outside of Cosmos systems, so I check out the Derelict Ruins first.

Not much to see and no real description.  There are some Rats on the object, and I clear them out to collect my bonus Skill Points for the day.

I then warp over to the Orbital Center.

A bit more development effort has gone into this one and the description is several paragraphs long.  I will leave it for you to track down the details, but in summary it is a Caldari Cultist Education Camp floating over a big Graveyard.

You could create an EVE blog just by visiting and documenting all these landmarks… You could call it EVE Travel or the like… 

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