While the Lockdowns have dragged me somewhat back to EVE, I have been more focused on the value of them after the first death of someone I knew which was impacted by COVID.

We met his family in the maternity ward when our sons were born and have regularly caught up in the 16 years since.  Our sons have been friends from a very young age, and currently go to the same High School.

The man had been feeling unwell but delayed investigations during the early COVID lockdowns.  Initial appointments and tests were further dragged out by COVID restrictions.  When he was diagnosed with Cancer, subsequent appointments, treatments, and surgeries were all impacted by COVID restrictions.  When it was apparent the prognosis was poor, he spent most of his remaining time confined to his house, unable to do what he might have wished or to see friends or family.  His time in palliative care and who could visit was impacted by COVID restrictions, his funeral is impacted by COVID restrictions, and the grieving process will be impacted by COVID restrictions.

It was a rare and aggressive cancer, and I do not suggest his life expectancy would have been any different without the COVID impacts on his health care.  But his remaining life was made so much poorer, and I hope such a price was well considered and completely justified.

More distractions needed.

EVE Version 19.07, patch 2021-09-01.1

“New Caldari landmark sites can be found within the New Caldari and Urlen systems.”

I travel over to Urlen from New Caldari, cringing at each Gate session change.

Again, there are two Celestial Beacons in the system – one labelled an Abandoned Caldari Outpost and one the Urlen II Provist Riots Memorial. 

I warp to the Outpost to see what the older Landmark looks like.

There are some rat wrecks on the structure that I salvage while I look around.  It is hard to find a photo worthy angle.  There is not much information to be had – something about it being a ruined Guristas site of some kind.  Or maybe the Guristas ruined it.  I’m not sure I would make a good tour guide.

I warp over to the Memorial.

Again, the new landmark is visually pretty.  The description of the site is less pretty.  It is a Caldari State memorial to citizens killed by terrorist acts enabled by the at the time de facto leader of the Caldari State.  Or something like that.

Some real life to push and a single line in a patch note and two dozen jumps later you have played EVE.