The other reason I have had a flurry of EVE activity – Elmis turns 15 today.  5,479 days of continually paid subscription.

He has 327M Skill Points – an increase of 23M from last year.  That was all from normal training and login / activity bonus handouts.  The handouts really add up, and he has a bunch of unallocated points.  On the occasion a new skill is released those unallocated points generally allow me to train them to Rank 4 immediately.

All the skills he uses in game are already at Rank V.  The training queue was 197 days long, with skills I don’t use and am unlikely to use.  Currently being worked on was Torpedo Specialization V.  I added a bunch more skills in the process of writing this entry, taking the training queue up to 475 days.  I hit a limit (I assume 500 days). 

Elmis has around 125B ISK in cash and 15B ISK in assets (approximately).  His wealth increased a little over the last year, but I made no specific effort to do so. 

Interestingly my Bitter Vet levels dropped.  That has however been because of caring less. 

If it wasn’t for COVID lockdowns it is unlikely I would have been writing this post.  I would have fallen further out of the habit of playing and slipped quietly away. 

The end of my EVE playing would not have been through the actions of CCP or other players.  It would not have been because I play a Hermit game instead of a social game.  It would not have been because I found a new game to invest my time in.  It would simply have been caused by an overly busy real life.

I will fall back into some new level of overly busy life next year.  Without change I will be back in the same boat, sliding quietly out of EVE. 

We have made some huge sacrifices for our kids in recent years.  They have had some amazing opportunities as a result, but outside of lockdown I spend many hours every day driving them to and from places and waiting for them in between.  I cannot announce that is all going to change because they are taking too much time away from my online space game.

I do find when I log in to EVE that I am spending too much time on housekeeping and trying to catch up.  I have always had a very organised but large collection of ships and spares.  They allow me to cover a great deal of contingencies when I play.  With CCP’s constant small changes however all this preparation tends to end up less than optimal or even obsolete.  I log in, spend an hour or two trying to rectify, then log off without doing anything.

While I have this extra time, I think I will try to balance undocking to do things I am interested in, with trying to really simplify what I keep in game.  Maybe that will help me be around for birthday 16.

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