Sounds all the same

The new warp sound changes I remarked on were only recently added.

EVE Version 19.10, patch 2021-11-09.1

“Updated ship engine audio making the sounds of all engines more contextually dynamic and linked to velocity.”

Now that I have flown a few different ships around, I have found (surprisingly) it is another change that breaks my immersion. The sound itself is cool – but it is basically used under Mircowarpdrive or in warp for all ships. There needs to be different sounds for small, medium, and large hulls. Hearing my Orca making similar sounds in warp as my Malediction ends up not working for me.

Other patch notes I noted

EVE Version 19.10, patch 2021-11-16.1

“Updated the Alliance Tournament Monument in the Manarq system with a new structure honoring HYDRA RELOADED’s victory in ATXVII.”

I have never checked that out. Given it happened to be close to where I was at the time, I ran across to look.

Cool enough.

There were also 4 new exploration sites introduced – 3 found via scanning and 1 escalation.  One is in Poochyen and 3 in Low Sec.  They seem to be high end content for capital and super capital components.

“Added the option to sort and filter the content in the redeeming queue. It will also no longer select all items by default upon opening it.”

These changes are good and removed a mild irritation with the feature.

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