I am still here

I found myself logging into EVE a little more than usual over the last month. I didn’t get up to much – just mindless moving and sorting stuff, hunting down some new skills, plus a bit of trading. Life has been so hectic that I needed a place to retreat too for some downtime.

One of the things I did do was biomass a very old character that I never use. I applied the $6.99 USD Starter Pack to give the account Omega status for 7 days. That allowed me to move stuff around easier, and it also gave me the 13 Days of Nexus Omega Gifts which included a bunch of Skill Points.

After selling off the character’s skill points and assets I went to look for the process of deleting an Account. (They don’t want you too – you have to email a request to CCP, which seems to have been put in place to meet privacy laws.) While looking around I noticed this special offer for the account:

Given I had just purchased about the cheapest pack you could, I was surprised that the personal offer was so expensive. 12,960,000 Million Skill points also seemed very specific.

I also noticed – to my horror, that by buying 7 days of Omega time as part of a pack, that my account had been automatically converted into a paid subscription. I had no payment method attached to it, so it wouldn’t have worked, but to do that without my permission or notifying me is pretty shitty. There are a couple of areas like that were CCP try to tick customers into paying them money. It does not reflect well on them.

Anyway – a Happy New Year to you all. I hope it is a safe year with plenty of time spent with family and friends.

9 thoughts on “I am still here

    • Happy New Year to you Tur. I hope you have been able to get in lots of sailing. I’m not thinking too far ahead when it comes to 2022. After two very conservative years of managing COVID, Australia has reversed course and decided now is the time to live with it. 2022 is on hold as we watch exploding case numbers and wait to see if our leaders have got it right and that hospital admissions remain manageable. We also wait to see if they hold their nerve or panic at the numbers and lock things down again. It will take a month or two before 2022 actually starts. What it will look like is anyone’s guess at this point.

    • I can already fly all of the Titan hulls. What price are the basic racial Titans now? I remember there was a suggestion when the resource changes first came in that they would get up to around 200B ISK each.

      • Close, a travel fit Ragnarok will set you back about 140 bill. About double what you would have expected when the Delve War ended.

    • Tricky to fully give up if you still have characters to go back to. I have biomassed 3 alts in the last week. I figured if I haven’t used them in the last few years, I have no use for them. I am not sure I would press the button to biomass my main toon. Not yet anyway.

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