First One

Welcome to the first post of the year.  Time slips quietly by on the blog, while in real life it is more like a screeching out of control freight train.

Last year a lot of my posts had comments about COVID; on how lockdowns gave me time to play EVE, and a need to play for the distraction.  After a couple years of imposing heavy restrictions to suppress COVID, just before Christmas our State flicked a switch and went in the complete opposite direction.  Now we live with COVID.

At the moment we were allowed out our front door, my EVE time vanished.

My wife went berserk.  Concerts, shows, social events, activities, outings for her and the kids – every day out of the house, usually multiple times.  I wasn’t pleased at the extreme risks she took – but she ignored me.  As much I would like to use the word irresponsible – it was more a mental health reaction.  For her, living is being out of the house doing things, and she had just spent two years not living.  That was not good for her.

We went from not knowing anyone who had COVID, to half our friends and colleagues having had it.  My wife and kids have had so many close calls that it is unfathomable as to why COVID hasn’t been through our house yet.  I expect it sooner rather than later.

My wife’s rampaging made my normally busy schedule worse.  Add a chunk of busyness around my daughter moving from Primary to High School, a sibling being diagnosed with cancer, and my father needing care after an operation, and I have ended up more tired and fed-up than my normal high levels of tiredness and fed-up-ness.

So, EVE.  I am not playing it.  I am so busy – or otherwise brain dead, that I really need something to spur me to login, but there is nothing that interests me enough to want to do it.  I thought I might have a look at the Dr Who event.  I watched some of the introduction videos and blog posts, but it was just old game mechanics with a different skin.  It has been the problem with EVE for a long time – tweaks and rehashes of the old.  If something new is added – it tends to be focused on you losing ships.

I have recently ordered a new custom PC.  My Desktop gets turned on most days at around 6am and turned off after Midnight.  It is used constantly, so I normally replace it every 5 years, to try and keep in front of any catastrophic board / Power Supply failures.  This time I am replacing it after 4 years.  Over the last two years the availability of PC Parts has been poor and unreliable.  It was just starting to improve but now Mad Man Putin is reminding the world that placating megalomaniac bullies entrenched in echo chambers of their own making was never a good idea. So, before the parts disappear again, or even worse happens, I have an i7 12700K / DDR5 / Liquid Cooled / 3070 based system on the way. Maybe that will get me to log in?

2 thoughts on “First One

  1. I hope you like your new PC. I’ve also been waiting and having a hard time justifying the high prices for GPUs. But it might be time.

    • I looked at the 2060 Super through to the 3090’s in a spreadsheet comparing performance, price and power usage. I only use a couple of brands and needed cards with 3 display ports, so that cut out plenty. The 3070 sat at a sweet spot – so I waited until a sale and picked up one last week. Still it was not cheap. The power draw is worth considering – particularly in the higher end cards. Not so much in relation to power bills – but in consideration of draw on the Power Supply and the heat they must generate.

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