CCP have announced price increases for their subscription and plex options.

The news item suggested it is the first subscription rate increase since 2004.  I don’t remember there being a general across the board increase before, but I do recall there were some price increases for individual currencies.

CCP’s explanation – “This adjustment reflects global trends impacting general production costs and accounts for years of inflation.”

Fair enough.

You can not buy Subscriptions or PLEX directly in Australian Dollars.  I think I am forced to pay in US Dollars.  That means how much I have paid for my EVE accounts has been impacted by the vagaries of the exchange rates, which causes swings of as much as 30%. I have had price increases and decreases every year…

So how much were the increases (where there is a rough corresponding product)?  Assuming my Math is right…

Subscriptions (USD)

1 month – from $14.95 to $19.95 (+33.4%)

3 months – from $38.85 to $47.98 (+23.5%)

6 months – from $71.70 to $86.95 (+21.3%)

12 months – from $131.40 to $149.90 (+14.1%)

Yikes on the 1-month increase.

PLEX prices (USD) are not as directly relatable.

Now 110 for $4.99, 4.5c each. Will be 100 for $4.99, 5c each (+10.0%)

Now 240 for $9.99, 4.1c each. Will be 250 for 12.49, 5c each (+20.0%)

Now 500 for $19.99, 4c each. Will be 500 for $24.99, 5c each (+25.0%)

Now 1,100 for $39.99, 3.6c each. Will be 1,000 for $44.99, 4.5c each (+23.75%)

Now 2,860 for $99.99, 3.5c each. Will be 3,000 for $124.99, 4.2c each (+19.2%)

I understand and accept the need for CCP to be profitable and acknowledge the lack of increases in all those previous years.  A 20-30% increase however in one hit is substantial. 

It comes at a point in time where I see my EVE subscription being the poorest value it has ever been for a solo / hermit playing the game.

I have spent time in game recently, moving all my assets and clones into the Jita system, readying for a long term or permanent hiatus.  This price increase makes that transition easier.

If you see a future in playing EVE however, it might be worth grabbing some extra Subscription time or PLEX now.

(Note I plan on dropping my evehermit domain and paid for Word Press add-ons.  When those lapse, I presume the site formatting will mess up a bit and Ads will be inserted into pages and email updates.  I am not planning to delete the blog.)

5 thoughts on “Money

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  2. Sad but expected I’m sorry to say.

    One last time I’ll make this suggestion… please go watch this, from my clip point at least to 1:52:00 and see what you think for yourself…

    3 guys are playing an FPS game together;
    All 3 enter Player 1’s ship and go explore a moon;
    Player 1 dies, while away from “his” ship (the one he spawned);
    Players 2 & 3 are still onboard Player 1’s ship when he dies;
    Player 1 respawns at his set spawn-point many lightminutes away from Players 2 & 3 and his ship;
    Player 1 and asks his friends to come get him…
    Which they do, in his ship, the one they remained on when he died.
    He takes a lift to a landing pad, exits the airlock and walks off the landing pad into 0G and EVA’s over to his ship…
    Player 2 opens the airlock, Player 1 enters the ship and takes over the pilot’s seat.

    You cannot do THAT in ANY other game regardless of how long it has been in development or how much it cost or made… it is quite simply AMAZING.

    • Hi Tur – I have looked at Star Citizen several times now, and it just doesn’t interest me enough to play. I do appreciate your enthusiasm though. 🙂

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