Wading in – just a tiny bit

I did as I suggested and read up on what had caused the downfall of the enigma that is the EVE Player Mittani.  Well, more accurately I did a little reading to get a gist of it.  I am pretty sure that now makes me an expert.  The initial examples I did read were a bit underwhelming.  The deepest outrage coming not from those involved or impacted directly (whose words that I did read seemed measured and reasonable), but by others championing their own causes.  It seemed to be the sum of past behaviours which was the problem, with the latest examples being the straws that broke the camels back. It is a pity that the pious and the damning didn’t get their act together sooner, so that there might have been less victims.

If it upsets you that I was not more outraged, I do not care.  Indignation is a poor measuring stick.

The EVE subreddit was not as toxic as I thought it would be.  If you can stay away from judging others, there was plenty of interesting and helpful information to be found.  Not generally related to the questions being asked by the original poster – people seem so desperate to spout their examples and opinions that it was not always easy to see a link between the questions being asked and the answers being provided. Why don’t these people just start writing their own blogs?  Oops – I am judging others.  So, if you read everything, filter out the crap, there was worthwhile stuff to be found.

CCP then waded in.


I cringed with embarrassment for them.  It is good to know we have yet another mostly toothless moral compass of convenience in our lives. Surely, we do not have enough of them yet.  This is not an area CCP wants to wade into.  Just give us some clear guidelines about expected behaviour in game, what happens if you don’t follow those rules, and consistently apply and enforce them.  There shouldn’t be News posts – there should just be quiet action.  Today.  Yesterday.  Tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Wading in – just a tiny bit

  1. Been a long long time since I followed anything in Eve. But I have to laugh and laugh. The biggest psychopath in the game, taken down by woke politics. I guess that insanity actually did something good. Only about 15 years too late.

    • Dim, Dim, Dim… He said it well…
      “Indignation is a poor measuring stick.” and it’s the only one you own.

      Hermie, I am with you, but… as an old wormholer, and Winner of EVE (having gratefully and happily moved on to SC) I too could not be paid to care about Mittens at all… Didn’t back in the day, don’t now.

      The only player I care about less… is old Dimmy. =]

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