Seven Days

As part of EVE’s latest update, you can pick up 7 days of Omega time on each of your accounts for free.  All you need to do is go into the New Eden store. 

If you already have Omega, the 7 days is (apparently) added to your subscription.  (I did not double check.)

I am not sure how long it will remain available.

As you would expect, while in the store I noticed other things for sale, including a rather impressive 45% off the in store PLEX price of 24 months’ worth of Omega time.

That is certainly worth looking into if you PLEX your accounts.

Always up for a bargain, I decided to check how this compared if I purchased 2 years of Omega time direct from the account pages.

First up was how much 6600 PLEX cost.

Around $270 USD for me.

Next was how much 2 years of Omega time cost directly.

Around $270 USD for me…

So, certainly not worth your while if you need to purchase PLEX, but still a discount if you already have the PLEX and subscribe that way.

One thought on “Seven Days

  1. Free Omega offer lasts till 22 Nov.
    One other little gift I was alerted to is mentioned in Wilhelm’s Blog. You can recruit your other accounts to receive 1 million SP. Tried it yesterday and got 1 mill SP on each of my Alt Accounts. I couldn’t get them to recruit me as I believe it is linked to the base email address of the account, all the same it is a nice little bonus.

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