14B ISK for a useless skill

There were a couple new skills recently added to the Game. I undocked – for the first time in a very long time – and purchased them.

I immediately applied unallocated Skill Points to get them to Rank 4. Somewhere in recent past this process must have had a quality of life update. You used to have to read the points required for the next level, and manually type them in. This time they were already pre-populated in the Apply dialog box, making it quicker and less error prone to do.

I then did this – just to amuse myself.

I spent just shy of 14B ISK for the Astronautic Engineering skill. This skill has no use in game, having been removed many years ago. Since then there has been a slowly dwindling supply of the skill books in player hands, that I’ve seen priced for over 25B ISK. This was the one single skill I did not have on my Main. Now I do.

So one of my old, old goals has finally been achieved. To have trained every skill in game to at least Rank 4.

After my undocking, I’ve realised I am going to need to update my overview layout and settings. Things have changed, and on first glance in some positive ways.

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