When you leave but don’t leave

Has it really been since last November that I posted? Goodness.

I log into EVE so rarely that each time I do I commonly have to re-authorise my account details in the launcher. I am almost an X-player, if I didn’t still have a paid subscription, kept half an eye on a number of EVE bloggers, and a slight interest in EVE news. Nothing I do consume however seems to enthuse or inspire me to reconnect.

I did find this interesting today – a blog post from the X-Leader of Brave which was worth a read.


I turned 50 this year. We have friends who are turning their 50ths into a year of them – with holidays and endless socialising and celebrations. I got about 35 minutes of time squeezed in between the comings and goings of the family, accompanied with nervous laughter and embarrassed comments from my wife about how crappy it all was.

Life is even busier than the last time I remarked, which was busier than I could ever have imagined. It turns out the worst of your imagination provides no limit on possibilities. I am just being swept along at this point, assuming there will be some relief after my son finishes year 12 and gets his license, but eyeing off the black maelstrom that is my parent’s health.

On a more positive note, we are keeping our heads above the cost of living tsunami, and I have found a game that substitute’s some of what EVE gave me – Satisfactory.


I log on, set myself my next goal, and go about achieving it. I am a bit over 200 hours into it.

One thought on “When you leave but don’t leave

  1. Is a pleasure know you are alive. I read too the Brave ex leader comment. Good people and reading. I got 51 this year, in january. I pass the day helping my daughter in high school to get some cash the country give to the young people, the date was fixedm ny day begin at 6.0 and finish at 20 hours going to bed directly, in a saturday.

    C later.

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