This was me earlier today.  When you zoom in, the game can look rather spectacular.

This was also me earlier today.

It has been a very, very long time since I have done any PI.  There were some tweaks since last time I used the interface, which had improved it.  I still stumbled around a bit at the start to work out how to lay the command centre. I didn’t worry about getting my first setup efficient – instead just aiming to get something that worked.

I’ve chatted a bit to an old EVE friend over the last few days.  He is always enthusiastic about his plans and endeavours in the game.  I was reminded how important it is to have some sort of goal, which I have been lacking.  So – biting off far more than I can chew, I’ve decided to build myself an Astrahus, gathering all the raw materials myself.  Should keep me busy for a couple years…

Taking a step outside

I noticed in the September release patch notes that there were 9 new skills being introduced to the game in preparation for the Lifeblood expansion next month.

They are all under the Resource Processing Group.

Four relate to running reactions: (Name – Price – Each Rank Gives)

Reactions – 1M – +4% speed
Mass Reactions – 5M – +1 extra reaction job
Advanced Mass Reactions – 25M – +1 extra reaction job
Remote Reactions – 15M – start remote reaction jobs +5 jumps

Five relate to processing the new moon Ores – each provides +2% reprocessing yield for each rank for a set of new Moon ores: (Name – Price – Moon Ores)

Ubiquitous Moon Ore Processing – 10M – Zeolites, Sylvite, Bitumens, and Coesite
Common Moon Ore Processing – 15M – Cobaltite, Euxenite, Titanite, and Scheelite
Uncommon Moon Ore Processing – 20M – Otavite, Sperrylite, Vanadinite, and Chromite
Rare Moon Ore Processing – 25M – Carnotite, Zircon, Pollucite, and Cinnabar
Exceptional Moon Ore Processing – 30M – Xenotime, Monazite, Loparite, and Ytterbite

While unlikely, I could use these skills, even if I wasn’t personally involved in moon mining.

To give me an excuse to undock and do something in EVE, I grabbed my Interceptor Shuttle and flew around and grabbed all 9 skill books.  I found them in two separate stations.  146M ISK later.

I’m training most to rank III, but will skip Advanced Mass Reactions for the moment.  I purchased the skill book and stored it away, but don’t expect I will train it unless actually needed.

I noticed something today that I hadn’t realised before.  The skill queue now shows what training a skill will unlock (new skills or access to new equipment):

That’s a neat enough feature.

I also noticed the new market ticker introduced with this September release:

Seems interesting enough.  Apparently you can hide it if it annoys you.  My only concern was when I first opened the market window it took almost a minute to display all the panels.  Hopefully that was just a once off thing to download components, and doesn’t happen every time I start a new session.

And with that small effort to do something, it seems I played EVE for a bit.


I did something unusual today – I played EVE for more than half the day. Well – played is a subjective description. I spent a great deal of time looking at my BPO library.

I am coming up to the last month or so of the project to ensure all my BPO are researched appropriately. I can’t remember when I started this process, before Christmas I guess. Today I cross checked what BPO I had against what you can purchase on the market. I found I am missing 336, give or take.

I don’t want more than half of those – such as the Titans, Outpost Components, and the Advanced Capital Ship Components used in T2 Freighters. There are however bits and bobs I will grab, the largest group being the Capital Rig BPO. I also missed a few of the newer BPO, such as some of the Mobile deployable structures and the Scan arrays.

The effort has triggered more in game work – the selling off of the excess BPO I don’t need, primarily duplicates, and a lot of time spent undocked flying around collecting the missing BPO that I want to add to my collection.

Time off does not mean time in game

I had last week off. I normally do 32 hours of paid work, so I thought I would end up with around 15 hours of uninterrupted downtime for myself across the three days were both kids were at school and kinder. That should have meant some good EVE sessions, but that did not eventuate. I ended up with only 6 hours of downtime, and spent most of that in DDO mucking around with a solo Swashbuckling Bard (splash of Rogue) that I’ve been finding amusing.

I realised that I am not a working professional who fits in Dad duties during the week, but instead a full time Dad who squeezes in paid work. I am not entirely sure how I feel about that distinction.

I also realised that EVE is not especially compelling at the moment where I can have a week off with so little extra time spent in it.

I am however still logging in every day.

My blueprint research continues, with my count of fully researched BPO increasing from 270 to 390 over the last fortnight.

I have pulled the Medium POS down. Everything is now going through the Small POS. Whoever decided these things would have 20+ minutes of un-anchoring time was a sadistic so and so. While I understand the reasons, it was a nervous wait. Oh – and a tip, remember to bookmark them before they finish un-anchoring. You can’t warp to them afterwards.

My second Industry Alt completed the training required to perform 10 Science jobs at the same time.

My POS equipment sell off is on going, but the prices are progressively falling. I really burnt myself there.

Hyperion arrived and there wasn’t anything worth a full blog post on. I glanced at the market tooltips, looked at the extra items in the New Eden store for a couple of minutes, and smiled when the Scan ID’s didn’t change over downtime.

I have spent a lot of time trying to finesse my overviews. Thanks to a bug from CCP I lost my Main Toon’s overview settings so started from a clean slate. I have really appreciated being able to set up everything on the one client and then send an alliance mail with a link for my other Toons to just click on.

I’m not sure why they had to use two Share options – the one at the top of the Overview Setting window that only transfers the tabs and associated presets, and the one under Misc > Export Overview Settings, which allows up to 15 extra tab presets to be exported.




I have currently settled for two travel tabs – safe and unsafe. The second doubles as a PVP overview. I have a third tab for PVE, one for POS related stuff, and a Run-To tab. I really need several more tabs to minimise the need to swap presets in and out, such as for Mining, and an extra two for PVE and PVP.

I also ran a few exploration sites – so I guess I have been a bit busy.

Will wonders never cease!

I actually managed to log in for a Saturday morning EVE Session – although it was only half-length. It was good to be able to actually do something in space.

I’m one month into my renewed BPO research, and it has been a bit of a godsend. Between setting the POS up that I wanted, and logging in daily to keep jobs ticking over, it has generated a surprising amount of in game activity.

Over the last fortnight I’ve moved from 200 to 270 confirmed BPO being at ME/TE 10. That leaves 500 odd more to go in my collection, and a similar number donated. I have more than a year worth of POS fuel stockpiled, so I should make a hefty dent in those.

I was careful not to over research my BPO when I first got them – but I am amazed (and slightly miffed) at just how many of them were converted with Crius to ME 9 and TE 9, requiring research.

There is one noticeable negative with this activity, it makes you inclined to leave your research characters in the vicinity of the POS, which could end up stifling your game a little. To that end I am trying to do the longer research times on my Main and Main Alt, leaving the shorter jobs to my Industry Alt who is generally around the POS’s location anyway. I also used a PLEX to start dual training on one of my accounts, to get my Second Industry Alt skilled up in the same area.

Now that the Small POS is all set up, I have mostly dismantled the Medium POS. The shorter offlining and unanchoring times for many modules makes this a far less arduous chore now. I’m just waiting for the last couple BPO to come out of its Lab before putting it offline and going through the nervous process of unanchoring it.


(Some of the defense that was mounted on the Medium POS)

I have also consolidated my POS equipment, and put up for sale the unnecessary gear I gathered during this process. I’ve been rushed and short on time, and my shopping efforts reflected that. I am still annoyed at myself for how much ISK I wasted.

(I also purchased quite a lot of stuff at abnormally high prices, and will take a bath on sales. Not much use sitting on them longer term either, I’m not likely to ever recoup at those prices.)

The last thing I managed to complete over this week was to move a couple more ships into my Low Sec home. I’ve been logging in my scouting Alt every so often to look for Wormholes to empire and check how busy the systems were. Pirate activity seems to have finally started to die down so I might try to spend some time down there. Today I found a wormhole that cut the trip to my home base from 28 jumps to 12, with only 2 of them through low sec, so I moved in a PVP Frigate and a Covert Ops.

Changing my mind again and then again

I missed both my weekend EVE sessions again, which are the only time during the week I can play for a few hours without fear of interruption. While this restricted what I could do, I still ended up spending a lot more hours in game than is normal.

My BPO research continues, and will be doing so for quite some months. I am just finishing the first part of my collection, close to 200 BPO relating to consumables (ammunition and whatnot). Most of these were quick to train the gaps to get them to ME/TE 10. The process will slow down as I move into the more expensive BPO.

Since I will have the POS running for quite a while I continued the process of investigating the best one to use to cover my needs. I primarily need it to run a Design laboratory and a Research Laboratory, and until I can do my investigations, a Compression Array. I also want to be able to offline these and turn on a basic defence.

I currently have a Medium Faction Tower running, but I can get away with running a small POS. I had originally planned to use the Dark Blood Small Control Tower I already owned, and went so far as to anchor. It doesn’t however have the CPU to run the 2 labs and 1 array. (I should have foreseen that.)

The prices for Small Faction POS are currently much higher than normal and availability limited, so I ended up purchasing and anchoring a Dread Guristas Small Control Tower to use instead. This has more than enough CPU for what I need. However I couldn’t find a basic defensive setup that did what I wanted it to.

So finally I purchased a Shadow Small Control Tower and anchored that. This runs what I want it to, and will allow me to configure a suitable basic defence. (I’m under no illusion as to its ability to defend itself; this is more for amusement and inconvenience value.) I also picked up various faction POS modules to squeeze on the defence I was happy with. I now find myself with some 7 or 8 control towers.

While going through this long process – including some extended shopping trips to far flung systems to pick up some of the POS equipment, I also spent a great deal of time collecting all that POS Fuel I mentioned I purchased over the last few months. I thought that I had spent around 4B ISK on it, some for my own use, and some for speculative trading. This turned into quite a task for my risk adverse self, as it turned out to be closer to 8B ISK worth that I ended up moving in 220M and 800M ISK lots.

I will transition from my medium to small POS over the next couple weeks as some of the longer research jobs finish up.

I’ve been a bit bumbling in my approach to this. I would not normally have committed to spending so much on equipment and fuel in earlier years, but I tend to find myself a little rushed when I do get a chance to the play the game at the moment and am not as patient. I’ll have to re-sell a lot of what I have collected, and hope my actions haven’t cost myself too much.


I’ve settled into a pattern of having a short session in EVE most evenings. I check the status of my BPO research, cycling through logging in up to 3 characters to submit new jobs as required. I then grab my Occator Deep Space Transport and go collect some of the 4B ISK worth of POS fuel I had scattered around. Moving a couple hundred million ISK worth at time means I’ll be at this task for a while.

I’ve had the Occator for a long time, but only really used it for setting up POS. Now it is far more useful with 70K+EHP and 60K+m3 cargo space. I find myself flying it regularly.

Good to see CCP seem to have fixed the issue where BPO values were coming up as zero. Makes it easier to judge how much value you have sitting in the POS research Lab.