Answers to questions no one asks.

How long have you been playing EVE?

Since September 2006


How many accounts do you have?

I currently have 2 active accounts with 1 Main Pilot, 1 Support Alt, 2 Industry Alts and 2 Scouting Alts.  I have previously had up to 4 active accounts.


How long have you been blogging about EVE?

Since January 2011


What is the key area the blog is focused on?

Playing EVE casually with limited, inconsistent and often interrupted time.


Why do you blog?

In part it is to encourage me to keep exploring the game, and to take the time to contemplate its many changes. In part it is to try and give a quiet voice to a game style which tends to be much maligned.


What does the blog offer?

Tangibly, not a great deal. I don’t generally do in depth analysis of topics or provide detailed how-to guides. I remark on my experiences around playing the game casually, and give somewhat thoughtful and (generally) restrained opinions on how changes might impact it.


Is this an official EVE fan sites?

No. I did send in an application at one point, but apparently CCP were so underwhelmed that they did not even deem it worthy of a rejection letter.


How much traffic does the blog get?

Very little.


The blog topics seem to be all over the place?

I apologise that the blog tends to chop and change between several topics at the same time, and sometimes never finishes a theme. That is how I happen to play the game – I do whatever interests me on the day that fits into my available time.


Do you have any blog trolls?

No. I’ll occasionally have a troll comment if a topic has been linked to by a more popular blogger, but they seem to realise the audience is too small and depart immediately after they cut and past their comment.


You’re terrible. I’m surprised you are not trolled more. I would like to hassle you in game.

My main EVE character is Elmis, and my personal Alliance is called Hermit Collective.


What do you do in game?

It varies – solo exploration, mining, trade, PI, Industry.  Usually I will find some old or new feature I haven’t looked at before and explore it.  I have previously spent a couple of years living in Sov and NPC 0.0, but now mostly live in Hi-Sec. I occasionally visit Low-Sec and Wormhole space.


You do realise you are playing an MMO?

While I play a solo game, I am well aware that there are generally tens of thousands of people logged in at the same time. Solo play just means I don’t have other players around providing me help or support.


Do you PVP?

I generally go out of my way to avoid combat (consensual or otherwise) in EVE.


You do realise EVE is a PVP game?

There are many facets to player v player interaction in EVE. I compete against other players in many different ways – at the moment most obviously on the markets or for Exploration sites. I also spend plenty of time undocked and regularly step out of Hi-Sec – I just happen to work at keeping myself off your killboard.


Is the EveHermit in game you?

Yes – but it is an infrequently used, low SP Alt.  I would not see EVEMails sent to it in a timely manner.


Who are you in real life?

In real life I live in Australia, am married with two young kids.