I am still here

I found myself logging into EVE a little more than usual over the last month. I didn’t get up to much – just mindless moving and sorting stuff, hunting down some new skills, plus a bit of trading. Life has been so hectic that I needed a place to retreat too for some downtime.

One of the things I did do was biomass a very old character that I never use. I applied the $6.99 USD Starter Pack to give the account Omega status for 7 days. That allowed me to move stuff around easier, and it also gave me the 13 Days of Nexus Omega Gifts which included a bunch of Skill Points.

After selling off the character’s skill points and assets I went to look for the process of deleting an Account. (They don’t want you too – you have to email a request to CCP, which seems to have been put in place to meet privacy laws.) While looking around I noticed this special offer for the account:

Given I had just purchased about the cheapest pack you could, I was surprised that the personal offer was so expensive. 12,960,000 Million Skill points also seemed very specific.

I also noticed – to my horror, that by buying 7 days of Omega time as part of a pack, that my account had been automatically converted into a paid subscription. I had no payment method attached to it, so it wouldn’t have worked, but to do that without my permission or notifying me is pretty shitty. There are a couple of areas like that were CCP try to tick customers into paying them money. It does not reflect well on them.

Anyway – a Happy New Year to you all. I hope it is a safe year with plenty of time spent with family and friends.