EVE Links

There are a myriad of good EVE related websites out there.  (You can easily spend more time surfing them than actually playing the game.)  For a central location for CCP’s official updates, I use their Facebook page –

For getting a general gist of what is going on in the universe, I like the Kugutsumen (Start in EVE Online Uncensored) and Scrapheap Challenge (Start in War & Politics) Forums.  The Official EVE Forums are rather a poor source of information on what is happening in game, but the Recruitment section can be useful.

For a graphical overview of territories held, I like the Influence Map.

For maps to print out

For online maps, and a myriad of in game statistics

For finding mission agents and getting an understanding of what missions involve, I like

And for general overviews of what you can do in game, I like (free to download, with version 3 coming out soon)

And this little one which CCP linked to the other day, which is kind of cool –

I don’t have any industry links at the moment.  Even though there are many great sites, I haven’t been using them for a while, so can’t say what is out of date, etc.

Flying Ships…

I am pretty sure my counting is out, but in theory my main can fly about 200 ships in game, with 35+ to go.  I say in theory as there are 30 odd ships I will never likely fly due to rarity and / or cost.

For the majority of ships I can fly, I can also appropriately fit them.  (No guarantee I do, but I should have the skills to fit all the standard T2 modules used on them.)

The “fit appropriately” bit is important in EVE.  My Alt’s carrier training plan was over 200 days, and even from the time he owned and was able to fly a Carrier, he still didn’t undock for more than 3 months to ensure he had his fitting right for purpose, and then it took 3 more months to pick up the extras like Triage.

Out of all the ships I can and have flown, these were the ones which left a particularly positive mark:

. Osprey – I remember it both as it accelerated my earnings in the early days, and because it introduced me to the concept of squeesing the most out of your training and fittings.

. Hulk – It was a substantial increase in earning capacity at the time, and made it plausible to strip mine entire belts.  Whereas a lot of improvements in EVE are generally only in small increments, the step up from Covetor to Hulk was huge.

. Damnation – One of the first ship images I had in EVE was of the Damnation, and right from that early stage I decided I wanted to be able to fly one.  I was quite chuffed when I achieved that goal – although I have never actually flown one in anger as I’ve not found a fit that wasn’t bettered by an alternative ship.

. Recons – I love flying these, although they are expensive, the first thing targeted, and require more skill to fly well than the “standard” PVP ship.  (Skill I lack.)  I grin every time I undock in one.

. Orca – this one might seem a little strange, but while it is a nice addition to any mining operation, the main reason the Orca stood out is because it introduces you to Ship Maintenance Bays and Ship based Corporation Hangers – what used to be just the domain of 0.0 Capital pilots.

. Noctis – the last ship which gave me a bit of a “wow” moment was the recently released Salvaging vessel the Noctis.  The (current) 68km tractor beam range with 1700m/s speed, plenty of cargo space, cap stability, etc, basically means that with a little planning you warp into the middle of your mission wreckage field, and in a fraction of the time taken previously, clean up everything without having to move.


Mission Proteus v01

This ship is used by my alt while living out of an Orca / moving around to work on standings.  It supports my main in the Mission Tengu covered here.  (In fact it spends the mission orbiting my main.)

The goals of this fitting….

. Used by Alt to add DPS
. Hit to at least 50km
. Cap stable / no need to micro manage
. Not have to change fittings between missions
. Not cost so much as to encourage suicide ganking

[Proteus, MS 03f – LR]
Corelum C-Type Medium Armor Repairer
Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
Armor Explosive Hardener II
Armor EM Hardener II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II

Federation Navy 10MN Afterburner
Tracking Computer II, Optimal Range
Tracking Computer II, Optimal Range
Cap Recharger II

250mm Railgun II, Antimatter Charge M
250mm Railgun II, Antimatter Charge M
250mm Railgun II, Antimatter Charge M
250mm Railgun II, Antimatter Charge M
250mm Railgun II, Antimatter Charge M

Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I
Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump I

Proteus Defensive – Nanobot Injector
Proteus Electronics – Dissolution Sequencer
Proteus Engineering – Capacitor Regeneration Matrix
Proteus Offensive – Hybrid Propulsion Armature
Proteus Propulsion – Localized Injectors

Hammerhead II x5
Hobgoblin II x5
I’ve been quite pleased with how this works so far.  No issues tanking L4’s so far, and flexible with range.

Long Range Low DPS > Short Range High DPS in Missions?

I spent a bit of time and ISK experimenting with various Strategic cruisers for my mission running, looking at the Tengu (Heavy and HAM), Legion (Beam and Pulse), and Proteus (Rail, Blaster, Drone).  (I never got a base Loki fit I was happy with, so that never got a look in.)

On paper the Blaster Proteus or Pulse Legion came out on top for DPS by a margin of over 30%.  When used in practise however the extra travel time to get into range outweighed the quicker kills, plus it was more difficult to manage agro, forcing you to have a better tank.  It was a similar story with a Drone based Proteus, which while somewhat more flexible, still took too long to bring DPS to bare.

So next I tried out the Rail Proteus and Beam Legion.  The Legion was workable, but struggled against Frigate sized ships up close, and the fitting options did not really allow for tracking enhancements.  The Rail Proteus however shone.  Running two Tracking computers I can swap between tracking or range enhancements, can hit at an optimal of 84km with Spike (+33km fall off), or 23km with Antimatter (+33km fall off).  I also have a flight of small and medium drones to add to the flexibility.

Against all these options however the Tengu really shone.  While it generally had around 15% less DPS than the long range Rail and Beam fits, the tank was almost twice that of the rest, it could dictate range and pull agro better, and its missiles worked well on Frigates even in close orbit.  Again I found the increased DPS with Hams was outweighed by increased travel times, so the Heavy Missiles won.

So now I use my main in a Heavy Missile Tengu, grabbing agro, and usually orbiting a wreck or other such object in the mission, with my alt in a Rail Proteus orbiting the Tengu with Afterburner on.  On paper they can put out some 650dps between them against anything within the 10 to 50km range.  While in practise the DPS is probably closer to half that, it is enough to work thought rats in an acceptably fast manner.

Incursions – the first days…

So far it would seem the real winners from Incursions are the griefers and pirates.  It is easier to suicide gank haulers and expensively fit PVE ships in the Sansha influenced constellations, rumors of smartbombing public fleets, clustered together while coordinating themselves, infiltrating fleets with pilots under War Declaration, and killing logistics and RR pilots who repair them and so flag themselves, warping fleets into sites after others have done the hard work, and of course ninja salvaging all the expensively fit PVE ships, lost directly to the Sansha.

Statistics from some of the first constellations invaded in empire space showed 1,000+ dead capsuleers in the first 24 hours, and Sansha incursion influences remaining at 100%.

Lots of aggravated forum posts about expensively lost ships, moronically organised public fleets, the lack of logistics, poor fits, and foolish tactics – for the most part trying to solo content designed for 20+ players, and attacking the hardest sites while the Sansha influence was at 100%, instead of first working on the easier sites and getting the Sansha influence down.

It is not all doom and gloom, there were also plenty of people having fun.  I could see it encouraging more people into corporations and fleets, which I assume CCP is hoping for.  I am not sure the mechanics will work though, and I suspect this will just turn out like Wormholes and Faction Warfare – with relatively small numbers (proportionally) of people in Corps dedicated to farming the resource, and most other players ignoring them.

Time will tell.

Incursions have started…

The incursions started after downtime today.  Checking under Journal > Incursions I noticed one was 15 odd jumps away from where I was, so I wandered over in an Interceptor to have a look.

When you jump into an effected constellation you get a new panel on your overview showing the Incursion Profile.  You are also automatically put into a constellation wide incursion chat channel where fleets are organised, people complain about losing ships too quickly, and others troll each other.  (When you leave the constellation you are warned that you will be kicked from that channel after a 2 minute delay.)  The closer you get to the main incursion site, the more noticeable the background colour changes.  In the area I was in it was more meh that wow.

The bigger incursion sites appear on your overview.   I assume the smaller ones need to be scanned down, but I did not have any luck with the onboard system scanner the couple times I tried.

I did not notice any Sansha ships on the gates or around the stations.  I also didn’t notice any in the belts I checked out, until I almost lost my Interceptor.  Warped out and found CCP had done their usual trick of adding new overview settings, and leaving them off by default.  Rectified that.

You can see a list of the sites, the rewards, and the number of people you should use for optimum payment in the Journal area.  From the complaining I saw in local, the rats drop no salvage or bounties, so your only reward is whatever is listed in the journal.  I am not sure if you get this when clearing the site, or if the incursion needs to be defeated first.

There seemed to be a distinct lack of logistics joining up in the constellation I was visiting, which did not bode well for their success.   Lots of people joined up in mission Drakes and Ravens – rushing in to experience their first Incursion.  Then quickly they were leaving in pods complaining about how it was too hard, and have no chance.  I wonder at how many of those will preserve, and how many will give the feature a miss in future.  I suspect the answer to that will depend on the prowess of the people organising the fleets they join up to.

I moved just out of the area and docked.  I’ll go have a closer look tomorrow.

Skill review done for my main

Finished my skill review yesterday for my main – the attainable is a little more distance under the harsh light of reality.  Adding Battleships, Haulers and Capitals to my goals increases the training plan to a bit over 900 days (and that assumes I am permanently wearing +5 implants).  Currently finishing off Multitasking IV, with Hacking IV queued up.  I will have to review my Alt’s plans next.