Drawn and Quartered

CCP continues its resource shake up, shake down, reduction, shortage, redistribution, meaningfulness, poverty, tears, thingamabob they have been doing for a while. They have now announced details of the resource distribution changes coming in Mid-October.


It is worth checking out if you do anything with minerals in the game.

It is a substantial shift, making various mined mineral’s exclusive to different security zones, and excluding others. Titanium for example will be found in Hi-Sec, but excluded from Low-Sec, Null-Sec or Wormholes. Hi-Sec however loses access to Isogen, Nocxium, Zydrine, Megacyte or Morphite.

There are additional changes to the number of asteroids you will find, and the volume of minerals found in them, which seem to be overall a further nerf.

CCP hopes to make players poorer, increase the destruction of mining ships, and make people less self-sufficient in harvesting their own minerals, forcing them to buy on the market.  That way the game and your decisions become more meaningful.

This all comes from their concern that Veteran players do not cry enough when they lose things.  While that appears true, I am guessing these changes will still make newer players cry more than older ones.  It might be easier if CCP just focused on making veteran players quit.

Peaked too soon?

There was an interesting article released by CCP today.


The Triglavian invasion will soon reach its finale.  The Kybernaut.space invasion site suggests 171 systems have been invaded, with 25 lost to the Triglavians.  I had assumed the invasion would last longer to be honest.

People who participated will get some clothing, the type determined by the pilots standing with Edencom or the Triglavians.

The article ended with this:

In further news, EDENCOM has released a statement urging all Capsuleers who currently live in systems conquered by Triglavian forces to relocate and find a new home immediately. The following systems are currently affected:

  • Ahtila
  • Angymonne
  • Archee
  • Arvasaras
  • Harva
  • Ichoriya
  • Ignebaener
  • Kaunokka
  • Kino
  • Komo
  • Konola
  • Kuharah
  • Nalvula
  • Nani
  • Niarja
  • Otanuomi
  • Otela
  • Raravoss
  • Sakenta
  • Skarkon
  • Senda
  • Tunudan
  • Urhinichi
  • Vale
  • Wirashoda


I remember reading a suggestion earlier that the Triglavian would destroy the Stargates on their conquered systems, meaning they would only be accessible via Wormholes.  Maybe those harvested Suns will blow up?  Will Niarja be lost to even the pirates?  More waiting around to see.


Another article released today was about the upcoming Rolling Thunder patch on September 22nd.



In that is the following little change:

DED LP Offers for all EDENCOM items have had LP cost reduced by 90%

I abandoned looking at the Edencom ships as the gun system was useless for solo play in the smaller hulls, and most of the supporting or large hull skill books were ridiculously expensive, or unavailable.  Hopefully after the patch and some time more people will be able to try them out.



Elmis turned 14 today.

That is 5,114 days of game time I have paid to CCP. Obviously an anomaly, as the Carebear Hermits are not in the demographic of players who stick around or spend money.

He has 304M SP.

That is an increase of 24M SP from last year, all from normal training and login bonus handouts.

He is currently training all the Small and Medium Weapon Specialization skills from Rank 4 to 5.

His training queue is 247 days long – a hodgepodge of nothing else specific.

He has around 120B ISK in cash and 15B ISK in assets (approximately).

His wealth has dropped around 15B ISK over the last year. While I made no effort to increase my wealth over this time, that drop gave me pause. Market fees and taxes played a part. I spent 1.5B ISK on those in just the last 30 days selling off assets. I burnt fuel running a couple structures. I made several charitable donations. I purchased several expensive skillbooks. I spent ISK on SKINs. The value of the assets I do have seem to have dropped, especially the PLEX. I guess it all really adds up.

I am doing whatever happens to interest me in game, mostly exploring the changes and additions as outlined in the patch notes. There is nothing I am particularly passionate about, but I have spent more time logged in this year than last.

My Bitter Vet level is probably unchanged from this time last year.

To 15?

I See NPCs

As I watched the NPC gate camp in Gammel there were a couple Triglavian aligned pilots that kept warping in and off grid. Each time the NPC’s made another kill, they would swoop down to loot and salvage the wreck and collect the body.

I wanted to see how much they were making from these kills, but none turned up on the Killboards. Many Pilots, Corporations or Alliances with a semblance of interest in PVP have their kills automatically uploaded to Killboards. The fact that these did not hints at the losses probably being skewed towards Newer Players / Traders / Mission Runners / Miners etc. In other words, Hi-Sec Carebears.

This is the direction of asset redistribution CCP seems to have been focused on for some time now.

The Killboards did show evidence of what I had seen (and read about) – of players gaming the NPCs. Just as Suicide Gankers draw off Concord from gates, there were repeated Corvette kills from the same pilots on gates suggesting players were artificially increasing the size of the NPC Gate Camps.

Looking at the salvaging destroyer losses (they flag themselves when they loot), I think most were collecting 1 to 10 Million from each wreck. Not brilliant money, but it would add up. There were enough 100+M drops recorded on gates to NPCs that I expect the looting could be randomly lucrative, and worthwhile over time. From the Destroyer fittings, it is relatively low cost and easy ISK.

As I flew around the Triglavian Minor Victory System I saw plenty of NPC’s camping stations and structures, and lots of their sentry guns anchored all over the place. They apparently lock quickly and do a lot of damage


They will effectively stop you doing much of anything in system unless you get positive standings with them – or have an Alt with positive standings to be able to move your assets out.

The Edencom Sentry guns were anchored all over the place in their systems. They were just as busy which would make them unworkable to live in if you had negative standings with them.


As I flew around these systems however, I was taken aback by just how many NPC’s were all over the place.

There were everywhere – all around the structures, in the belts, on the gates. They fought each other. Some shot at structures. They scanned or drained or goodness knows what anything near them. It was all terribly busy and left me with a vibe that was – I’m not sure how to describe it – off putting.

I am not sure I would enjoy living in a system owned by Edencom or the Triglavians.

Gate Spotting

I undocked again – this time to go do some sightseeing.

This is the gate to Mamenkhanar in Domain – an Edencom Fortress system.


This is the gate to Mista in Domain – an Edencom Minor Victory system.


This is the gate to Gammel in The Bleak Lands – a Triglavian Minor Victory system.


This is the gate to Niarja in Domain – a Triglavian Final Liminality system.


Aside the irrelevant differences of the first three being Constellation Gates and the last a Standard Gate, the flags and status icons almost look the same.  They all show a Triglavian Invasion in progress and a Hi-Sec Security Level. If you jump into them, they all open a warning dialog box.  The only difference is the icon showing a High Level of Capsuleer Violence on the Niarja Gate, which could in theory also be shown on any of the other gates.

I assume this ambiguous visual is a deliberate choice by CCP – despite each of those systems providing quite a different risk profile to jump into.


(The following assumes neutral standings to both Edencom and the Triglavians.)

Jumping into an Edencom Fortress System is relatively safe. There are some different structures and NPC’s about, but generally you can travel through the system by gate without much thought.

Jumping into an Edencom Minor Victory system is mostly safe – but not entirely. There tends to be a Triglavian patrol moving around them. If they come across you, they will attack. Reports and killboard records show this includes on Gates. The risk seems low but is there.

Jumping into a Triglavian Minor Victory system is riskier. There will usually be Triglavian Werpost’s on the gate (Sentry Guns), and often NPC Gate Camps. There was an NPC camp on the Gammei – Ronne gate which I watched for a while.  I am not sure of their aggression mechanism. I believe they attack unless you have positive standings. While I watched, this camp killed and podded four players – two in Industrials, one in a Procurer, and one in a Pod. Two other players were left alone – one in a Heron Frigate who sat on the gate for several minutes before jumping, and one in a Gnosis who crashed back to the gate, but with no evidence they were shot at.  I am guessing those two pilots had positive standings.

Above is that NPC Gate Camp in Gammei – they do not do things by halves.

Jumping into a Triglavian Final Liminality system is the equivalent of jumping into a Null Sec system (but devoid of Capitals ships). I need to get into a much cheaper clone before I go sightseeing in one of those, so I am not sure how the Triglavian NPC’s act. I have read a few comments that theses systems tend to be abandoned if out of the way, but heavily camped by Triglavian aligned players if on a commonly travelled route. Niarja is extremely deadly.


While you are not given a visual warning at a gate, there are areas in game which highlight when a system is in a Final Liminality state.

If you look at the Solar System information, it shows two downwards facing red arrows against the security level.

If you look at the system in the Client Map it shows the same symbol. (Although who uses the client map?)

It also shows a Red upside-down Triangle on a Route, again with the red downward arrows displayed near the name if it is the next system you are travelling too.

It also shows the system listed in the Triglavian section of the Agency.

BUT – this might not be entirely accurate for researching far away systems. If I look at the Fortress systems, I am shown 32 results.

The Kybernaut site however lists 48 systems.

I presume there is a limit on the number shown in the Agency. I am guessing you just get shown the closest 32 systems.


Aside a lack of notification at a Gate, if you are cautious there are enough in-game methods to check if you are about to jump into a Final Liminality system.  It is a different story for the Minor Victor systems.

Kybernaut reports 26 Minor Triglavian and 58 Minor Edencom systems. These are not shown in the Agency. There is no mention in the Solar System Information Dialog. It uses the same icon in the Route as the Edencom Fortress systems.

(The above route passes through two Fortress systems and one Triglavian Minor Victory system.)

I think – unless you go outside of the EVE Client, you will not know you are jumping into one of those nasty Triglavian gate camps I noted above – until you are in the middle of it.

I presume that is a deliberate decision by CCP. They seem convinced that losing ships converts players into long term payers – so I guess that is behind this approach.  I don’t think it is particularly fair, and I don’t think it is particularly fun.  (I am not sure at the moment CCP cares enough about either.)

So – just roaming around exploring or travelling any sort of distance in Hi-Sec is notably more dangerous – and will likely get more so as the Invasions progress.  This has all sorts of ramifications to exploration / escalations / shopping purchases / trading / Epic Arc or Distribution Missions / any mission close to an invaded system and so on.  Any time you arrive at the gate of an invaded system, you will need to ensure you understand exactly what status it is in – which will likely require using a third party site.


I did read comments that the Triglavians will attack pilots with neutral or negative standings, and Edencom will only attack pilots with negative standings.  It was also remarked a number of times that it is possible to get a small standing for the Triglavians while still not being shot at by Edencom.  That would mean you no longer need to worry about NPC’s in any of those systems.  The risk is it is an inadvertent situation that CCP will “Fix” at a later date.  There is also the question of Wormholes.  Do the Triglavian’s camp Wormholes in invaded systems?  Lots more to try and understand.



I have been trapped in Amarr selling off assets. I would normally use my Industry Alt for such a task, but I let her lapse into an Alpha state.

This has meant my Main Pilot has had to hang around, researching values, putting up hundreds of different types of items on market or contract, and repricing as required.

It has been quite a painful chore and sucked up my time for many weeks.

I am almost at the point of being able to relocate my entire home quickly, but I am not quite there yet.

Today I undocked to do something else for a change.

One of the ships I want to keep is my Porpoise (ORE Industrial Command Ship). The problem is its size. At 400,000m3, it fills an Orca’s Ship Maintenance Bay by itself.

What I am probably going to do is allocate it a jump clone and shift it around separately to the rest of my assets. Setting up that jump clone was on my To Do list and my goal for the day.

I have a bunch of clones around Tasabeshi, so I jumped to one I had no other use for, and then ducked over to Jita. It ended up being an unusually blingy clone. Probably not the smartest of ideas given Triglavian’s can pod kill.

While at Jita I set up another Pacifier (Covert Ops) to bring back to Amarr. I am thinking of using them for my Fast Shuttle needs instead of Maledictions. The Pacifier warps faster, has more cargo space, can use a Covert Ops Cloak, and has more usable refit options than the Malediction does, at least in Hi-Sec.

I returned from Jita to Amarr via the long way – some 44 odd Jumps. It was relatively quick in the sped-up Pacifier, even with a couple pauses to research Invaded systems.

[ 2020.09.05 09:53:10 ] (None) Undocking from Jita IV – Moon 4 – Caldari Navy Assembly Plant to Jita solar system.
[ 2020.09.05 10:23:11 ] (notify) Requested to dock at Amarr VI (Zorast) – Moon 2 – Theology Council Tribunal station

This trip is where I realised I have been docked up too long, and not paying as much attention as I should have. Embarrassingly so.

I had noticed that the Invasion information in the Agency did not always add up, and I had travelled through nearby Edencom Fortress systems and found them still flagged as Invasion sites. On my way back from Jita I ran into Minor Victory Invasion Systems, which are not mentioned in the Agency.

These are invaded systems, but neither side (for some reason I do not understand) came out fully victorious. In a Minor Victory system both Triglavians and Edencom maintain a presence – with each having sites spawn, but the victors also roam and possibly deploy sentry towers.

And herein lies a problem. I am not sure how to identify in game who the Minor Victors are.

You can see an invaded system in the route planner.

In the above route you have

. Barira – Edencom Fortress
. Sasta – Edencom Fortress
. Jark – Edencom Fortress
. Aldik – Triglavian Minor Victory

They all look the same, they all give you warnings of invasions before you jump into them – but only one here is a danger to me. And a danger they are – with plenty reports of pilots being killed in tanky or quick to warp ships to Triglavian Sentry Tower or roaming fleets.

There is a third-party website that lists the status of invaded systems – although it does not appear to be fully up to date.


It helps – but as more and more systems fall, it is going to become a shitfest to workout where you can travel safely.  I’m not sure my concept of moving around in Orca’s is going to work.  Is the answer to go sit in an Edencom Fortress System?

I am starting to feel more trapped than I was before!  More research is needed.


Castle Tax

CCP have announced a new reward for those who kill active structures, to be paid for by the structure owners. Or something like that.


In summary, from October 13 for new Structures, and January 12 for old Structures, a new item called a Quantum Core will need to be installed for a structure to be brought and kept online.

Each structure has its own specific variant of a Quantum Core. There are 5 NPC Corporations you can purchase them from, and another 5 NPC Corporations you can sell them too.

They range in size from 500m3 to 250,000m3, and in cost from 600 Million to 30 Billion ISK.

They drop 100% of the time – so are a base / guaranteed reward for attackers.

They add nothing to the game play of structure owners, aside being something else expensive to haul and risk.

I have remarked (complained) all along that when compared to POS, the Structure game play was anti-solo / anti-casual. As CCP have continued to make structures more expensive and more vulnerable, that has only become more the case.

The Azbel I built and used for a while? It was a 4+ Billion ISK risk to do that. To do the same again with this change I would have to put an additional 3 Billion ISK bounty on it to encourage the local Pirates to destroy it for me.  That is a fair bit of ISK.

There really should be some sort of intermediate stepping stone, a Structure Lite, for newer, less rich, solo / casual players to participate in.  But CCP doesn’t want to encourage that.

As the DEV Blog outlines, this is part of CCP’s focus on making consequences for player actions and the stakes required to make them.  For quite some time that consequence has been negative for those who like to build Castles.  It certainly encourages the game to become leaner and meaner.