CCP has restarted its partner program again.

The rewards you receive are worthwhile, and there are clear metrics that you must adhere to depending on if you are a Streamer, Video Creator, do Podcasts, develop third party tools or have a blog / fan site.

It will be interesting to see how many Blog sites are added – assuming there is some list you can check out.  I have not looked for new EVE blogs for some time, but most of the old ones have gone silent.  There are exceptions – the venerable Ancient Gaming Noob stands out, Eveoganda is regularly updated, The Nosy Gamer is still around.  Others post once or twice a month such as A Missioneer in EVE, or come and go, such as MarketsforISK which is back to regular updates.

I applied once to be a Fan site many years ago.  I have made a joke since about how I never heard back from them.  While that might have been by design, soon after I applied CCP let go the staff members behind the program.  The program has been looked at in fits and starts since, but this seems the most encompassing update for years.

To be an EVE Partner Blog, your site should have at least 5,000 monthly readers and had 2 detailed or 4 smaller EVE related blog posts per month, for the previous 3 months.  I had not looked at the stats on my Blog for some time but glancing at them today I do not come close to that requirement.

Meanwhile I am still active in EVE.

I ran some of the Crimson Harvest Sites (they took too long)

Several times a week I will do some mining or clear my local system of all its exploration and combat sites.

I had a look at the upgraded Jita 4-4.

And I took part in the Jita 4-4 unveiling daily rewards.

I also followed the frequent updates CCP has been making to the game – but do not tend to mention them as they have not impacted the Hermit play style or the ships that I fly.