Presents to myself

We went two months without a locally acquired COVID19 case in our state – but that came to an end yesterday. While it was to be expected, the news felt like a palpable physical hit. Only three of the last nine months have had any semblance of normalcy, and the thought of yet more lockdowns is extremely unpleasant. Now we wait to see if the contract tracing systems have been fixed enough, and how much luck we collectively have, or do not have.

Christmas has come and gone. Presents to myself included another 12 months sub on my main and making use of the discounted 3 Month Sub / 3 Months Multi-Character training bundle CCP has been advertising. I am using the time to flesh out some training on my Alts and complete their move from Domain to Essence to meet back up with my Main account.

Almost all my Pilots have accumulated pools of unallocated Skill Points. None of these were purchased, but all handed out by CCP from free logon, undock and event bonuses. Most have more than 500K, with a couple into the Millions. I am surprised at how impactful these points are. Several Alts ingested a dozen odd skills each, and it took very few points to immediately increase their ranks from 0 to 3.

Once again CCP has provided a mechanism to create a unique video of your 2020 EVE year.

This time you are limited to only one pilot on each account, and a selection of 5 topics out of a dozen or more. I had no issue with generating or downloading the video.

As you might have seen remarked, the statistics do not seem entirely accurate. My main gained 20M Skill points for the year – in the top 4% of players. (That is the consequence of almost always having +5 learning implants in.) I was within the top 6% of players for Stargate Jumps, Systems visited, and warp drive activations. I was in the top 9% of players for time spent in space, and (cough) the top 3% of players for time spent sitting in station. You could be mistaken for thinking I was a particularly active EVE player in 2020 – but you would be wrong.

The second video I generated was for my Industrial Alt on my second account. They gained only 4.2M Skill points for the year – which was in the top 22% of players. They were in the top 27% of players for systems visited – at only 24. They spent only 7 hours in space in 2020 – which was in the top 30% of players.

So – if I was being kind, the statistics suggest 3 pilots per account, with 2 alt pilots rarely being used. As such if you were doing anything with a pilot, they tended to be reported as being in the top 30%. More likely there were a whole heap of pilots considered as active in 2020 that did not play for much of the year.

I find the video an interesting idea – but it brings up more questions than answers.

I did hit an interesting hurdle when trying to ensure my Main account had a years’ worth of training in his skill queue. I have seriously run out of things to train. Every skill I use is at rank 5. I scrounged and added a bunch of skills that I have no interest in and are not likely to ever use. Arguably I should switch training to the Alt on that account – but I am ashamed to admit I like accumulating Skill Points for the sake of a High Skill Point total.

A Stack of Probes

Life has continued to open-up here.  We have had 40+ days without a locally acquired COVID19 case in our state, with restrictions being further eased.  It has however made me extraordinarily busy.  The kids summer sports have started up, while the winter sports they missed during lockdown have put on special summer programs.  Additionally, my Son started his first part time job, my daughter has been doing extra performance hockey training, and I am onboarding for a second part time IT job.  Scheduling conflicts galore.

My sanctuary at home continues to evolve, with the next upgrade (thanks to Cyber Monday Sales) due to arrive in the new year.

I am still dabbling away at EVE.  I mostly fly the Kikimora, Pacifier, Noctis or Ikitursa.  I find the Daily Campaigns (when you get skill points for killing NPC rats) tends to get me undocked and active in game.  The Daily Login Bonuses – not so much. 

I am enjoying Empires of EVE 2.  Early on it discusses the symbiotic relationship between the wolves and sheep in EVE, their dislike for each other, and how they need each other.  That is a topic I have covered several times before.  There was however one line that stood out. 

“CCP Games vowed to judge no one’s playstyle.”

That is certainly no longer the case.  For a while now CCP has been trying to force Capsuleers into play styles that their statistics indicate generate the most income.

I was listening to a conversation last night about the impact Quantum Cores will have on Structure Ownership amongst the sheep in game.  Ruination is the thought. We shall have to see how much of the current in-game activity relates to CCP’s cleverness, and how much is due to the COVID19 lockdowns and the latest War on the Bees.

I note CCP have finally brought in T2 Salvage Drones.  They are one of those things I thought I always wanted, but now that I can have them, I do not see a use for them in my current fleet.

Another small change I have found far more useful is that recalled Probes now automatically stack in the Cargo Hold.

Empires of EVE Volume 2

This arrived today.

I supported Andrew Groen’s Kickstarter project back in May 2018.

Andrew did a good job keeping backers informed on what was happening since then, and so far I am pleased with the results.

It seems to read well – although I take a lot of my EVE related knowledge for granted. I am a little suspect of the spine. It creaks and groans as you turn pages, and feels like it might not have enough glue. I will have to see how it stands up over time, but it is not as if I am likely to read through it too many times.