Command Nodes

This is just a quick comment. As most of you will likely know, CCP have released their first clear overview of the next iteration of null sec ownership mechanics. They are roughly scheduled to go live in June.

I just wanted to note down my very first thoughts, before they become muddied by the flood of commentary that will follow.

. It doesn’t seem to be particularly brave or unexpected

. Undefended space will be relatively easy to take over

. I like how the process will require multiple fleets spread across a constellation

. I like how constellation topography will help or hinder

. It makes active and somewhat skilled pilots more valuable

. Defenders who use their space will have notable benefits in repelling attacks

. For small to medium sized groups fighting each other there could be a real focus on the skills of multiple fleet commanders and individual pilots

. It seems for the current super alliances they could just flood every system in a constellation with 100+ pilots and stomp all over small to medium sized groups

. I don’t see how it is going to shake up the current super powers. Yes coalitions can more easily trigger large numbers of capture events across a while area, which a Super Alliance couldn’t fully defend against. But the Super Alliances can do the same in return, and will more readily re-claim any lost space or take more. The only thing stopping them taking more would be the nerfs to power projection

. Will Titian and Super-carriers be changed now going forward as there won’t be the traditional Sov HP structure grinds?

Overall I don’t mind this sort of thing – even ignoring the fact it doesn’t make much sense in a real life scenario. While I know I am not qualified to have much of an opinion, I don’t initially see how this will actually shake up the current powers.


In a recent DEV Blog CCP provided initial stats on the interaction between Capsuleers and Drifters.

At the bottom of the blog CCP Affinity said “and we look forward to seeing how you tackle the next phase!”.

There was also another one of those “News” video’s released by CCP:

* Immediate edit – my mistake, it wasn’t CCP but a player that made this video.  I presume the 70km comment is accurate.

It was interesting to note – and explains why I was attacked the other day, that the Drifter Battleships and Circadian Seekers have been seen to attack if you get within 70km of the unidentified structures and wormholes.

I wonder if when playing in 5 years time we will be remarking to newer players, I remember the time when the Drifters first appeared…

How far will they go?

I’ve been forced to stay up later than normal. My wife went to bed very late, and I have to wait for her to fall asleep before I retire for the night.

Now this might not make sense to some readers, but the older married people amongst you might understand. If I go to bed and my wife is still awake, she will inevitably start prattling on about what work task is on her mind, or whatever has recently annoyed her. The topic will be the thing we have already covered earlier on in the day, yet the chat can go on for an hour or more. Actually, when I say conversation and chat what I really mean is my wife chats and I listen. I will occasionally get to interject with a “will you stop talking and go to sleep”, which will progress to “please will you stop talking”, and finally on to “for the love of god please shut up” – all of which will be ignored.

The next morning my wife will wake up extra grumpy, complaining she didn’t get enough sleep, and that it was my fault.  Or maybe that is just my situation.

Anyway, I digress. During my unexpected awake time, I’ve been pondering just how far will CCP go with these Circadian Sleepers and Drifters? Will they leave them as a somewhat benign NPC we end up ignoring, or will they really shake up the game environment? Will their wormholes become usable for us? Will they impact the effectiveness of Concord and Faction Police? Will they change the nature of some of the systems they are within?

I am hoping it is something we don’t expect, and forces change upon us. I am hoping it gives us some “Oh wow” moments.

Speaking of change, during the last o7 EVE show CCP indicated they should be releasing a couple DEV blogs this week, the second outlining their plans for the future of Null Sec Sov and asking for feedback. They alluded to it being a big shake up. I hope it is really interesting and a challenge.

Continue being brave CCP.

Ok, my wife should be asleep by now, time for me to go to bed.

Out and About

This was the ship I was flying for 5 sessions over 3 days.

[Malediction, Run]
Pseudoelectron Containment Field I
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
‘Halcyon’ Core Equalizer I
‘Halcyon’ Core Equalizer I

Limited 1MN Microwarpdrive I
1MN Afterburner II
[empty med slot]

Prototype Cloaking Device I
Core Probe Launcher II, Sisters Core Scanner Probe
[empty high slot]

Small Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II
Small Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II

I could possibly call it a Rixx special.


I decided I’d visit every system in the Domain region – for no particular reason other than I felt like it.

While far from scientific, I noticed around 37 systems with those unidentified structures, and 4 with the unidentified wormholes.


Those drifters don’t do things by halves – the structures on the wormholes were huge.


I saw lots of Circadian Seekers out and about on gates. I didn’t hang around long enough to see if they would open fire. I presume if they were routinely doing that I would have heard people complaining. I didn’t see any of the Drifter battleships. (And yes I did have them on overview.)

The nibble little Malediction was ideal for this task, and was through the low sec systems before anyone inclined could do much about it.

Even though I have spent a lot of time in and around Domain, there were a hell of a lot of systems I’d never flown through before.  It was interesting getting a better feel for the place.

Last of all I got to sit in my new Shuttle. I used it to ferry BPO between my POS and the Station.


Pacifist be damned

Now that they have de-cloaked, I went looking for one of those unidentified structures to grab a screen capture or two. There were four of those Circadian Seekers milling about, so I watched those for a couple of minutes before approaching the structure.

Now I must admit I am rather busy at the moment and have not been fully paying attention to all things EVE, but I thought those Circadian things were only hostile if you attacked them?


Just as I reached the tower one of them locked and fired on me.

I was in an unarmed interceptor configured to be a very quick shuttle, so had to warp away.

This game is turning a little strange… which is frankly a good thing.

(Oh – I noticed I was sitting in a +3 clone for the last few months. I must have been moving clones around and forgotten to get back into my +5 Hi-Sec training clone. Annoying.)

Short Update

I’ve continued to tinker around with the T3 Confessor. I find the EHP buffer with an active tank is a little low. I have to pay more attention to incoming DPS than I had to with the Retribution, and once or twice as I bounced off an object needed to resort to overheating the repairer. It hasn’t completely won me over, but it is close.

I purchased one of the recently released Minmatar Tactical Destroyers, the Svipul (silly name). Their prices seemed to quickly settle at reasonable levels. I haven’t been able to work out a PVE fit yet worth trying against the Confessor, so I haven’t collected or fitted it out yet.

My BPO research is moving along. I refueled the POS again the other day. I might have to run it for a few more months. I’m not entirely sure.

I’ve put in my votes for CSM X. The volume of candidates and what was written about them was mind-numbing. I resorted to reading the summaries done by the bloggers I like, and then the summaries by those I don’t particularly like. Funny how my end selection tended to be hard working but fairly safe / don’t rock the boat, inclusive candidates – Sugar Kyle, Mike Azariah, Corbexx, Steve Ronuken and Bam Stroker.

I’ve already put my 20 Council Diplomatic Shuttles on to cook. I’m looking forward to flying around in them.

Last of all, my Main Alt’s training has continued to tick over, slowing increasing the number of ships he has skill mastery of. It was nice to see the Gallente Command Ships hit V.



Slipping behind

Sorry, I am struggling to keep up with my blogging at the moment.  Still waiting on RL to slow down a little.

Just quick one today – CCP are giving us Council Diplomatic Shuttles on Feb 25th in acknowledgement of CSM X.

That is the type of free gift I actually really appreciated.

I also like this idea.  During EVE Fanfest the Tranquillity Alliance Tournament winners will battle it out with Tournament winners from Serenity.  The winners will get a free ship (Victorieux Luxury Yacht) handed out to everyone on their server logged in at the right time.  The losing server will never see the ship introduced.

The Taimat release is also now here.  There didn’t really seem to be anything in it worth discussing from a Hermit point of view, although I like the introduction of the Drifters.