Thanks for 2013 and best wishes for 2014

There are only a couple hours left of 2013 here in Australia.  We have just put our kids to bed after allowing them to stay up late to watch the children’s fireworks on TV and wave some sparklers about outside.  (We will pay for that tomorrow when they are extra tired and cranky!)  Before I head off I wanted to thank the readers of this blog, particularly those who have left comments.  It has made EVE a more interesting and richer game for me to play.  I wish you all a safe and enjoyable New Years.

Nothing to see here

It took 11 days into my leave before I actually had a few hours to play EVE online. I settled on roaming WH space, but then mistakenly jumped to my Low Sec Clone instead.

Not what I had in mind, but never mind. I undocked from my Hi-Sec staging system and scanned down a Wormhole and a Drone combat site. I ran the later just to get back into the grove, including 3 escalations. The loot drop was minimal, but I was feeling ready to jump into Low Sec. Then the phone rang, and I unexpectedly had to go pick up my wife and daughter. Session over.

A couple hours later in the day I tried again – this time hoping into a Covert Ops and moving into a Low Sec area I had not started bookmarking yet. I had covered off the first gate when I heard my 4 year old daughter throwing a tantrum outside. A moment later she came into my study to inform me that Mum was naughty and that she never wanted to see her again. Then she proceeded to cry for 20 minutes. Session over.

A couple more hours pass and I manage to log in again. I bookmark a station and 4 belts. I also flagged a second corporation as Orange after noticing half a dozen of them were hunting around the system and gate camping.

At one point a Covert Ops fit Loki drops probes in the system. The now Orange pilots quickly ran to the belts and hung around innocently, hoping to be dropped on. When that didn’t work, one of them tried this..

[05:14:32] iamreallynotapirate > what are you scanning?
[05:14:46] iamreallynotapirate > us? We just want to do sites
[05:14:46] lokipilot > W/H’s
[05:14:53] iamreallynotapirate > ah
[05:15:08] iamreallynotapirate > we can go back to sites then?

At this stage they had shown the Loki all their pilots and ship types. (Ship types which would not be running sites in Low Sec.) If the Loki was indeed hunting them, he would have known what he was up against, and how much help he would need.
Around this time – while I was sitting cloaked slowly moving away from a Gate, I noticed a pilot named Rhavas, flying a Cynabal, move through the system. I presume it was none other than the blogger and story teller at I gave a silent wave.

When I logged off at a safe to go pick up my Son from a friends place, I felt that I had at least managed to be half productive in game.

I had one more EVE session – although it was interrupted by another tantrum from my 4 year old, having to cook tea, and half a dozen other demands from family that saw me having to walk away from the game. I had moved into another system which seemed to be home to a congenial collection of -10’s camping gates and chasing pilots, while cheerfully waving and chatting in local. I wonder if the banter actually has people let their guard down, and make themselves easier targets?

What has surprised me most about my disjointed exploration today was the number of different pirate groups actively hunting in what is a relatively small and not particularly populous Low Sec pocket. When I do something in this particular area I am going to have to use scouts and be careful.

She’s hitting me and kicking me and..

It’s not clear how my leave is going to play out.

Separately my 4 and 8 year old are reasonably easy kids to take care of. Together it is a whole different ball game. It tends to be a constant (and aggravating) effort to keep them from killing each other. It is not conducive to relaxing or playing EVE.

The first 6 days of my leave have been taken up with visiting my Parents in the country, shopping, finalising the Christmas preparations, and the previously mentioned keeping the kids separated. In what little downtime I have had I’ve been concentrating on getting my new Scanning Alt prepared.

The catalyst for training a new character was the 60 day game time card in the Collectors Box. I’ve been thinking about having a presence in Wormhole space for quite a while now, but I needed an extra character with scanning skills that I could leave logged off in one for extended periods of time.

The process…

. Creating the new account with the Collector’s Edition time code was painless, you just follow the instructions and you are up and running within minutes.

. Since this was a support character, I followed my tradition of making the Toon female. While it has no impact in game, I gave some thought to what sort of background and mindset the character might have to allow them to sit, cloaked and hiding, in a wormhole for months. I do have a Roleplaying background..

. It can take quite a while to sculpture the look of a new Toon. Not something you want to do when pressed for time.

. I ran all the Career training missions. This was not necessary, but it gave the Toon a very basic level of training.

. I moved the Character to my home system and joined my secondary Corp

. I created API keys for EVEMon and EFT to allow me to plan and track the development of the Toon

. I set up three skill plans – the first to be able to fly a T1 scanning frigate with appropriate fittings for Wormhole space, the second to up that to a T2 fit Covert Ops Frigate, and the third to flesh out the basic flying skills

. I updated the Clone

. I purchased any skill books I was missing from the skill plans

. I purchased basic Implants


. I purchased and fitted out one example each of the T1 and T2 ships she will fly

. I moved my EveHermit alt into Rens to act as a Price check Alt.

. I Bio-massed my original Rens Price check Alt. That leaves room to move this Toon across later.

. I purchased two PLEX – 1 to cover the transfer of the Toon to one of my other accounts once the 60 days is almost up, and the other to pay for dual training as my skill plan is a bit longer than the 60 days available.

. Now I just have to log in and update her skill queue as required. When the skill plans are complete I’ll have a useful resource.

As with all things EVE, the effort required to execute this idea required was surprising large.  All told it will have cost me around 50M ISK and $30 of PLEX for a ~3+M SP Scanning Alt. Arguably I saved only 1 PLEX by doing it this way – but I also ended up with an extra set of Christmas gifts which offset the ISK cost.

Speaking of Christmas, I loved the shuttle. That’s exactly the sort of EVE ship which works well as a gift. I don’t mind the concept of the Advent Calendar, but mostly found they were uninspiring.

Now this is done, I need to return to my EVE regular gaming.

How do you EVE?

I find it intriguing to see the physical locations people play EVE from.

The topic does the rounds every so often, particularly on Corp forums. I find it doesn’t generally have great patronage though, which is a pity.

Here’s how I do EVE – the photo taken today. It has not changed much since last time I posted.


To the bottom left you can see my Yamaha AV Receiver. It is hooked up to a Bose 5.1 system mounted around the study. The TV, one of the monitors, 2 PVRs and a PS3 are all hooked up through it. I can also run the sound through it from my PC, although generally don’t bother. The excellent little Bose 2.1 system attached to that more than suffices.

Also in the picture you can see my laptop (which I run EVE on when travelling), a QNAP 4 Bay NAS, a Canon Multifunction Inkjet Printer and my Rifter model atop my bookcase.

The PC was custom build some 18 months ago, and runs Windows 7 on an i7-3770, 16GB of RAM, GTX-670, 2 SSD’s, 2 HDD’s, with a Corsair Case and power supply. I am happy enough with the Logitech G710 keyboard and Steelseries mouse.

I absolutely love my dual DELL U2711 monitors, and would have upgraded to 3 of them if I had any practical way of making enough room. A large resolution EVE client is glorious.

Of an evening, after the kids and wife have gone to bed and I am free from distractions or interruptions, I like nothing better than to retreat to this excellent hermit hole for some EVE related relaxation.

Everything old is new again

I’ve got three weeks off; the longest contiguous period of leave I’ve had in more than 18 years. Invariably that meant I had to spend the preceding three weeks doing double my normal work load – to cover for the time when I wouldn’t be around to do it.

Annual leave seems to be a bit of a crock in that way.

Be that as it may, the consequence of this and the general busyness of Christmas has seen my EVE time hamstrung.


Oh yeah, this place.  I haven’t seen it in years

In my few spare moments I worked my way through the new player career agent missions with my scanning alt – Exploration, Military, Advanced Military, Industry and Business. The information and progression has improved greatly over what I remember when I first joined the game, and you end up with a hanger full of ship hulls and supplies that give you a good starting point.

There is a “but” though, and I am not sure I can describe it properly.

There are obvious things that could be improved:

. I’m not sure some of the steps required to progress through the missions would be clear to newer players.

. The source of advice can be a bit disjointed – you speak with the agent who gives you tips, then Aura pipes up with a Tutorial, then later a Sub-Agent in space might tell you something, or it might just come up in a pop-up window. It doesn’t always feel cohesive.

. The order of some of the tips could be changed. I’d have liked to have Salvaging shown earlier for example.

. There could be more tips on using the interface, and the places where you can configure the client.

. I thinking the on screen tracking should be set off by default. It could get disconcerting and confusing for a newer player, and it is not immediately obvious for them to work out how to turn it off.

. I am not sure about the pacing of the lessons. You are flooded with quite an amazing array of information – to the point where I could see it just ending up being confusing. When I first started out I spent days just working out how to mine and slowly improve my yield and methods. Now you have the basics within 5 minutes before you move on to the next topic. Mining alone could handle 20+ mission steps, which each one adding a small element to your education, from ship types, range, survey scanning, Meta levels and yield upgrades.

. There were people griefing new players every other time I visited the starting system. It wasn’t being done as obnoxiously as I have seen before, but I wouldn’t like to think of how many people never get past the trial period because of such parasites.

Less obvious areas I suspect need to be improved:

. It took a while for me to put my finger on this – but it seemed the Tutorials were written by people who have been playing the game for years. I could understand and follow them because I also have been playing the game for years. I am not sure it would follow the most logical path taken by a new player however.

. At times during the tutorials I would stop and think wow, the visuals of this game would look great to a new player. I did not at any point think to myself that wow – a new player would think this is so much fun.

I know it is vague, but I came away from the effort feeling that the mechanics of the game were being explained better, but not in the way that would attract and retain more people.  It should be more fun.

I did find it very amusing to see how difficult it is to kill a 4,500 ISK rat in a barely trained pilot. The 7,500 ISK rats required some skillful management of range and transversal. All those skill points do make a difference!


Some wow factor when I first undocked and followed the tutorial on zooming in and out.

Oh, one last thing. I made a 50 odd jump round trip in my Orca yesterday, the first time since the warp speed changes. Oh hell.

Little bits

My EVE time is being slammed, so I’m just going to clear some of the short scraps in my Blog notes.

. Corporation Faction standings – important for Anchoring POS, providing access to Empire Jump Clones and such, are calculated from the average standings of its members where they are non-zero. Generally if you want to add a new Alt to your own Corp it is best for them to have no Faction standings at all. To ensure that – do not run the Tutorial Career Missions for interest sake.


Oops – I forgot about that, the Exploration Career Missions cost more than expected.

. TwitchTV integration has been added to the EVE client. I have FRAPS, but thought this might be easier to use – until I read this in the patch notes: “The resolutions available are fixed and will alter the size of your client when you start the stream”. It makes sense, and I don’t know why I didn’t just presume that.


The maximum Twitch resolution


The resolution I play at

I don’t want to update my screen layout every time I use twitch, so the option is off the table.

. Wouldn’t it be interesting to be able to Hack Null Sec gates – to either get a snapshot of what is on the other side of the gate, or delay the updating of local when you jump through? Add some mechanisms for the system owners to make the process more difficult with upgrades, and I think you would have an interesting game mechanic.

. I’ve been amused that some of the people cheering the Interceptor changes for making it easier for catch other pilots; are now crying over the Mobile Depots being used to fit WCS so their targets can escape. Personally I like the multitude of new options both changes have introduced into the game.

. The ISIS indicates that I am the master of next to nothing. I’ve looked at the skills I am meant to train to V, and it is likely I will stay the master of next to nothing. Pointless training is pointless.

. I sold my Freighter a while back – I could count on one hand the number of times I had undocked in it over the last couple years.

. I’ve spent the better part of two months training up my second Trading Alt to round out their flying skills – allowing them to fit T2 Shield and Armor tanks. With that finished I have moved back to my original Scouting alt, with an eye on making them more useful in Wormholes.

. I love the idea of the Christmas Advent Calendar. I’m not too sure about the point of most of it so far.


I told my wife I had set up my fourth EVE Online Account.

Her response – a few words, half shrug, slight smile, can be summed up as “That’s nice dear; did you want a cup of Tea?”

Not – how much did that cost? Or – does that mean you are going to spend even more time on that game!?

I know I should be thankful, but I am left wondering if maybe she isn’t paying quite enough attention to what I say. That was underlined when she made me a cup of Tea after I had said no thanks.


I’ve created a 60 day account with the code that came with the EVE Second Decade Collector’s edition box. I’m going to train up a Basic Scanning Alt that I can leave in Wormholes. In two months I will move it onto one of my other accounts. Meanwhile I am doing some of the Tutorial for the interest of it.

Piece of PI

All planets in my home system now have Player Owned Custom Offices – 4 of them my own. I’m not sure how common having them all replaced is in other areas.

Most of the POCO in the system and within 1 jump have Player export tax rates of between 5 and 10%. This is made up of a small number between 5 and 6%, and most between 9 and 10%. With the NPC component for me of 6% added, export costs are generally between 11 and 16%. In other words – the cost of doing PI in Empire has on average increased in my area.

My POCO, with their tax rate of 3.5%, are the lowest of those I’ve checked.

The tax income from my POCO over the first few weeks has been sporadic. There was a bit of a rush in the first few days and I made about 20M from the first week. There was almost nothing the next week and I would have earnt less than 5M. The third week was more active, with around 30M earnt. I’m not sure if people have moved onto my planets from the more expensive alternatives, or if this just happens to be how people operate where I live.

I’ve had no one approach asking for standings or special deals on tax rates.

It has taken me three weeks to get enough time (and the inclination) to complete the first full iteration of my new PI Chain.

Previously I used 12 planet installations across two Alts, extracting and processing 12,000 units respectively of Chiral Structures, Precious Metals, Toxic Metals and Reactive Metals into 450+ units of Robotics every two days. The process was well balanced – I only extracted what I needed so I was not paying tax on goods I just stockpiled.

Each of my Alts now have 2 planet installations that they launch into space from – paying 15% tax, but bypassing the Player CO. I also have 6 more planet installations using my own POCO, with 2 still be to decide upon. My current extraction volumes are:

9,300 Chiral Structures
13,500 Precious Metals
9,500 Toxic Metals
13,500 Reactive Metals


Picking up from containers launched into space will be more common in future

There isn’t too much of an option to increase the Chiral and Toxic volumes, so my second iteration is probably going to be to lower the volumes to around 9,000 of each. (So a 25% reduction in the volume of Robotics I was producing in comparison to before Rubicon.) I will have spare capacity however to make something else. I already do Coolant, so I could certainly do more of that.  It has been a slow process.

Oh – I saw my first ghost site on overview. It was gone within 2 minutes of me noticing.  I managed to log my main in and grab a suitable ship, but it disappeared as I undocked.

Gleaning tidbits

There was an interview posted on US Gamer a couple days ago with CCP Fozzie, taken a bit before Rubicon was released.  It had a couple little comments of interest to me.

Again CCP Fozzie confirmed that there was support within CCP to make changes to Local as an intel source. Having said that – it was viewed as difficult and time consuming, and it would only be done if there was some way to provide similar details. At first glance you are left wondering why replace it if all you are doing is mimicking what was there before, but I get the feeling that they just don’t want it to be as easy / effortless as it currently is.

They have eventual plans to make high-end PVE sites that require extremely high scanning skills to find. At the moment you don’t actually need rank V to find all available exploration sites.  Cool is all I can say (I am 9 days and 11 hours from maximising my scanning skills).

We should expect some balancing tweaks for the Mining Barges (I guess to make the Hulk and Covetor more viable, either through buffing them, or nerfing the Retriever and Mackinaw.) There should also be some additional Mining ships sooner rather than later. I won’t complain about that, although I am not sure what hole is out there to fill aside ships needed for new types of mining?

There is a team focused on improving PVE – but who at the moment have mostly been building tools that will allow better content in the future. This is a good thing.

There was a hint that maybe Player Star Gates are just one of a number of planned major build projects for players in the future.

CCP Fozzie used the statement “player controlled and player built star gates” – which might be nothing, but might also suggest they are two different areas.

Last of all was the statement that they wanted to ensure Hi-Sec feels very different from Null. It is kind of obvious, but takes on more importance if CCP continue with the thread of trying to have Capsuleers become more self-sufficient from the Empires, and that POCO in empire was just the first step.

Wormholes and known space

I had the Stratios out again across a number of sessions running Hi-Sec exploration sites. Towards the end of my last session I ran Sansha Vigil – which triggered the True Power Shipyards escalation. I crisscrossed Hi-Sec until I was given the final site in Low Sec.

I grabbed my Pilgrim again – this time making the effort to fix up the fit. I ended up with a Mobile Deport and supplies to allow me to Scan, Rat, PVP, run lesser combat sites and escalations, and repair drones out in Low or Null Sec.

Before I set out to Low Sec I also had to set up a new cheap Jump Clone as my others were being used elsewhere.

Finally – after well over an hour of preparation I was ready to run the final site of the escalation. Now where was it – 8 jumps away and in… oh, that’s no good. I recognized the area and the stats confirmed my suspicions. It was very active and it would be highly unlikely I could get the site done without being scanned down.

All dressed up and with nowhere to go I remembered I had found a Wormhole to Null Sec earlier in the day. I decided to go check that out. I found myself all alone in a system in Tenerifis with SBU’s onlining. There were no sites to run, so I went through the belts to confirm the fit had no issue with ratting and killing Battleships. As a consolation price I earnt 15M ISK for not much work.


I returned to Empire and docked up for Downtime.

A little later I returned again via the same wormhole. The SBU’s had onlined but the system was still empty. (Aside a visitor from Empire who came via the same wormhole – who stayed for a minute in a Kestrel then left.) There were two new signatures, which the Pilgrim comfortably scanned down as a Data and a Relic site. I’ve never run these mini-game versions in Null Sec before, so I figured I would give them a shot.

It obviously required a lot more effort than in Empire, starting with setting up bookmark perches above each site so I could hide without it despawning, and warp out and back in to each container instead of slow boating. I managed to access all 9 cans across both sites – although failed on 5 of them the first time through. So that was 14 mini games. It requires a lot more thought and frankly – luck. On several occasions I found the system core but would have to go looking for utilities to be able to tackle it. Other times I just kept finding too many Restoration nodes or Virus Suppressors.

Given the hull does not have exploration bonuses, and I haven’t fit rigs to help in the mini game, I am pleased overall with how it all went.  I came away with 41M ISK in loot from the second visit to the system.

I have found that the wormholes to known space have really added interest to my game – from getting to trade hubs quicker, resupplying distant bases, doing a partial datacore run, making use of a cache of exploration sites, or visiting Low and Null sec areas I would never have got to see otherwise.  I like the randomness to them – how they can shape and totally change the direction of your EVE session. Even if you only spend a couple minutes on the other side and gape at the nebula before returning, I think they have really added something to the game.

Meanwhile I almost always ignore the ready access to wormhole space. I guess this comes down to being a solo player – but there are far less resource gathering options to be had. It would be interesting to have some lesser relic or data sites that don’t spawn sleepers. They don’t have to be particularly profitable, just something different enough to encourage more day tripping.  If not that – something else that isn’t worth the while of the locals, but feed them visitors from Empire.

BB 51 – Avoidance

BB 51 – EVE Online can be a game of heart-pounding, palm-sweating, adrenaline-fuelled ecstasy or agony. Sometimes over the years those reactions dim and what was once a panic inducing situation becomes commonplace routine. For some, the shakes never go away. From Druur Monakh (Twitter: @DruurMonakh) we get the topic of this banter: what was your most nail-biting experience in EVE Online so far?

I go out of my way to avoid nail-biting situations in EVE. It would be easiest to label it as being risk-adverse and leave it at that.

The truth is a little more awkward. I get the PVP shakes rather badly. I don’t know how bad it is in comparison to others, but it is enough that my voice stutters, I struggle to type, and my mouse movement is so inaccurate that it can be next to impossible to perform simple tasks in game.

It doesn’t matter how prepared and calm I am, or how rationally I am thinking – my body ignores me.

While the impact is diminished with familiarisation and regular exposure, it is not something I am able to manage or mitigate. It is not even consistent, so I can’t make assumptions about the timing or severity.

I went on a long roam a while back with 50 odd random pilots from a mailing list. While in station waiting for the form up I was shaking like I had a very animated case of Hyperthermia. We undocked, formed a conga line and after a long delay, headed off. A dozen jumps in and the shakes had died off. There were a number of combat situations which I took in my stride. Then – 30 jumps in, with nothing being reported by the scouts, the route set and easily followed, and everything in a routine, the shakes returned with vengeance. I don’t know why – there was no apparent reason for it. It was a struggle to align and warp.

It is too physically uncomfortable, tiring, and frankly embarrassing.  It ruins the experience I get from the game.

At this point, particularly if you have never followed my blog, you might be questioning why I play EVE and assume I never undock.  Yes I live in Empire as you might expect – but I have also spent plenty of time in Null Sec, lived in and around Low Sec, and am a Wormhole Day tripper.  I just try to avoid the nail biting situations.  I have alts watching gates, bookmarks all over the systems I am active in, cloaks on almost every hull, and bolt holes I can align to.  If I have one of those oh shit moments, it will generally mean that I have failed somewhere.

Instead my memorable moments are contrary to this Blog Banter.  For instance back when I lived out of a POS in Low-Sec there was a pirate who regularly patrolled through the system. I watched him time and time again try to catch me outside of the POS shields, using friends or Alts, pre-bookmarking anomalies, camping the system. This went on for a couple of weeks, but he never managed to get close.  After a while I realised that he stopped hunting for me. If he came through the system and I was the only one there, he would just move on. I wasn’t worth the time and effort to chase.

That’s the sort of memory I strive for – minimising danger through planning, preparation and patience. I’ll undoubtedly get caught at times – outsmarted or just through bad luck.  But those moments will tend to be over and done with so quickly that the shakes won’t alter the outcome anyway.

Yep – EVE is a sandpit, and people do really play this game for all sorts of different reasons.


Other posts can be found here


In the effort to combat a couple of unproductive EVE Sessions I resolved to tackle whatever was next on my Rubicon To-Do List. At the time it was:

. Check overview settings to see if I need to add Mobile Units

That elicited an involuntary groan of despair. It turned out I did need to add the Mobile Units, which meant I had to finesse the Overview settings on my Main. That always takes an age. I then have to transfer them to the three other Toons who regularly undock, at which point I inevitably find areas that need to be improved. I don’t think I’ve ever got them “perfect”.

I try to keep things simple by limiting the number of groupings.


Bare – My default overview, used for Travel and easy D-Scan checks. It basically covers ships, rats, stations, gates and a few Celestial / charges / deployable items that you want to know about when moving around.

Mine – A cut down version of the Bare overview with Asteroids added. I tend to only use this for warp in locations as I generally do my mining off the Survey Scanner results.

NPC – Covers your requirements in any PVE activity

Objects – Basically any object you can find in space is displayed. This can be useful to toggle in the middle of PVE content.

PI – Bare + Custom Offices

POS – Bare + POS objects

PVP – Set up for Solo or Small Fleet PVP

PVP-allies – As PVP, but without drones and fleet / corp / alliance members shown

Run-to – Every moon, planet, custom office station and gate

WH – A cross between Bare and PVP, with wrecks and some POS items included.

I wish there were more than 5 tab’s allowed in the Overview. I know there was a method to do this in the past, but I believe it no longer works. I could do with 7 or 8 tabs. As it is I have to change things when I spend time in WH space. I tend to use:

Base; PVP; NPC; WH; Various (Objects)

In wormhole space it is:

Base, PVP, POS, WH, Various (Run-To)

I use the Various Tab to swap in and out different overviews, depending on the situation I am in.

I also saw a combat video recently where the HUD was positions close to the Overview tab. It makes sense and you move the mouse less (important when you run large resolution screens), so here is my new “Overview”.



That moment

That moment when you Right Click a stack of Ship fittings and select repackage – and somehow include 9 Station Containers of almost all your neatly sorted and filed away assets. Now they are all in the item hanger. All together.

The most difficult effort in separating them again?  Trying to  identify what goes in the Cosmos container.


From the pointless and mundane, a list of any (and I mean any) EVE related task I’ve scribed down for myself. Again this is just for myself. Note many come from reading release notes.


. Review Medium LR turrets (Rails, Beams & Artillery) [PART]
. Review Active Tanks after Armor Repair & Shield Boost increases [PART]
. Consider T2 Mindlink Purchases [DONE]
. Review new HACs and Command Ships [PART]


. Identify Target Planets for POCO [DONE]
. Anchor 1-3 POCO for Corp [DONE]
. Revisit the fittings on the Interceptors I use as Shuttles [PART]
. Buy Large Rapid Launcher BPO?
. Review Rattlesnake Fitting to see if Rapid Launcher an option [DONE]
. Source / Stock some Depots [DONE]
. Source / Stock some Siphons
. Buy and fit a number of SoE Frigates [PART]
. Buy and fit a number of SoE Cruisers [PART]
. Check overview settings to see if I need to add Mobile Units [DONE]
. Buy Mobile Depot BPO (1M) [DONE]
. Buy Small Mobile Siphon Unit BPO (10M)
. Buy Mobile Tractor Unit BPO (30M) [DONE]
. Test scanning down Mobile Structures with combat probes [PART]
. Identify the blast damage done by Ghost Sites in Hi-Sec, Low-Sec and WH. Tank for Explosive?
. Buy and train new skill Customs Code Expertise on Main, Main Alt, and Trade Alts x2 [DONE]
. Glance at the new Certificate System – anything obvious missing? [PART]
. Check ship mastery details for pilots and their favorite ships [DONE]
. Check out the Ship Identification System [DONE]
. Add Compare tool to Neocom on all toons and check any updates [DONE]
. Use drag and drop from ISIS to Compare tool [DONE]
. Test out Interceptor and Transport Ship warp times – change any standard ships? [PART]
. Save basic fleet setups for Main and Main Alt
. Check out new gate sound and effects on jump in and out [DONE]
. Note DirectX 11 now supported – check card drivers are up to date [DONE]
. Review all Exploration fit hulls – for use with mobile structure refitting service [PART]
. Review my Sentinel Fit
. Review the fits on the various Interceptors I have
. Review the fits on the Interdictor I have
. Review all fits using Rapid Light Missile Launchers
. Check out align option on scanned down anomolies and signitures with D-Scan


. Run L4 Missions for SoE in Osmon? [PREPARED]
. Review all Clone Implant sets [PART]
. Source / Stock some Personal Hangers (is there a BPO?)
. Check what BPO I am missing
. Look into manufacturing Nanite Repair Paste
. Set up a Low Sec base of operations [PART]
. Continue Wormhole Trip
. Continue Exploration
. Continue Trade
. Keep an eye on the skills missing on the Main Toon
. Think about trying some of the other race Cosmos Sites

November Done

I post these for myself as a way of measuring and tracking what I am doing in game. While not entirely accurate, I use jEveAssets to calculate my rough overall financial position across all Characters and Corporations.

Game Hours & Play

I’ve been very busy in Real Life this month, so I was surprised at just how much time I have spent in EVE. I’ve done a reasonable amount of exploration; I removed 4 Interbus Custom Officers and replaced them with my own; I purchased and tested out the new Astero and Stratios hulls (the later which will replace my Tengu for Hi-Sec Exploration); and I bookmarked about 25% of my Low Sec Base of operations. This did come at a cost – I did very little trade and next to no PI.


I have 1 Main and 8 Alt Characters. 1 Alt supports my Main, 2 are used for Industry, 1 a Scout, 3 for Price Checking, and 1 for this blog.


18.7B Wallets

. 5.8B Main
. 12.3B Corp

35.0B Assets

. 22.6B Main
. 6.6B Corp

Approximate Wealth
54.3B ISK (Up 0.6B)

Reflecting the purchase of new ships, my liquid ISK balance dropped 2.1B over the month.

Industry / Trade Details

Minimum efforts made, with only small change earnt. No views on Competition. Appeared unchanged.


Account 1 (Main) – 135M SP. Trained 3 ranks in Starbase Defense, 3 in Customs Code Expertise, and completed Astrometric Rangefinding V. Now training Astrometric Acquisition V (which will max out the skills in the Scanning Group.

Account 2 (Main Alt) – 126M SP. Trained Large Energy Turret V, and then the related Beam and Pulse Specialization skills to III. Now working on Planet Management skills.

Account 3 (Industry Alt 1) – 42M SP. Trained Customs Code Expertise IV
Account 3 (Industry Alt 2) – 13M SP. Trained all Rigging skills to III, Cloaking IV, Customs Code Expertise IV, and the basic Engineering skills to IV. Next will be the Armor skills to ensure she can fit a full T2 tank. That should leave her as a well-rounded hauler.