Single Digits

Another system has fallen to the Triglavians. I have not noticed anyone remarking on what the final impact of this will be. I have not had any system I use invaded yet, but I have recognised a few system names that have. I expect it will take a long time for all High and Low Sec systems to have their turn.

As I remarked, a while ago I consolidated my assets into a single system again. I had let my Asset List get cluttered and spread out all over the place. The new system sits conveniently just off the trade route between Amarr and Jita.

I completed the second phase of the move – reviewing and consolidating all my assets and fitted ships, putting aside any unnecessary or unused spares. I am almost done selling off this excess. It has been worth more than 10B ISK so far.

I am now into phase three. This relates directly to the Triglavian invasions. If I had to abandon my current system at short notice, how would I (somewhat) safely and quickly move everything?

Most of my Alts own an Orca, so for them I am trying to ensure all their ships and supplies fit in it, at a value level not likely to be ganked. My main has three Orcas, a Bowhead and a Freighter, which don’t hold anywhere near enough capacity to cover everything he has. With a more critical and sharper eye, I am finding lots more unnecessary assets.

Through this process I have been adding and modifying hundreds of market orders.  I am finding some changes to the Sell items window extremely irritating.

The first is if you try to sell to a buy order, the client automatically adds a digit to the sale price so that it exceeds the buy order.

Here I am mindlessly selling off some trash to buy orders. There is an order for 3,552.00 ISK per unit of Polytextiles. When I right click and press sell, the price is filled as 3,553.00 ISK. If I hit sell, it will be added to the Market at 1ISK above the buy order, instead of just being sold. I thought I was being caught out by market bots, but that wasn’t the case. That means every time I want to sell to a buy order, I have to manually modify the sale price.

That brings me to the second irritation. Let’s say I want to increase my sell price by 100 ISK. If I click between the 3,000 and 500 digits and press delete, sometimes the 3 is deleted, sometimes the 5 is deleted. I thought it related to the comma’s, but it can seemingly happen anywhere. I do not know if this impacts everyone, or it happens to be a consequence of my higher screen resolution, small font sizes, and UI scaling. It means you must pay close attention, otherwise you make frequent (and costly) mistakes.

It has driven me around the bend.

On a more positive note, the roaming Triglavians have not appeared on my overview for some time. It appears “safe” to return to the High-sec belts and POCO. I have got out of the habit though. Also positive have been the visual improvements from the clear vision update. It has really made a notable difference to how the game looks.

Meanwhile – what the hell is happening to the world? Normally it is Dictators, Autocrats and Tyrants who destroy, hide and rewrite history – but now we have the people doing it. I cannot fathom the level of dumb required to stand over a broken statue of someone who died 50, 100, 200 years ago, and insist they be judged by today’s standards. You learn from history. You use it to better yourself and the future. When you mold history to suit yourself, you throw away all those hard learnt lessons.

Breaking Immersion on Jump

The new jump animation is live.  Watching your ship scoot down the warp tunnel is one of the dumbest, immersion breaking visuals I’ve seen in the game.  I detest it.  Sadly I couldn’t find a way of turning it off.

The first system to fall into the Triglavian Final Luminality status is Raravoss.  During its move through Escalating Liminality and initially into Final Liminality it was given an effective security status of a Low Sec system.  I looked then, and the security was being reported as -1.0.  Null Sec now?

It still shows as a 0.6 system, just with an additional icon and tool tip that indicates CONCORD has reduced its security status.  There was also apparently an invulnerable EDENCOM Cyno Jammer in system, stopping anyone jumping in capitals.  That makes me wonder at its permanency.  Having said that – CCP posted an image on Facebook of the system’s Blue Sun looking very unhealthy.  Maybe the system will be destroyed?  Lost forever?  Time will tell.