New Fireworks

For those interested in what the new Capsuleer Dawn Fireworks (structure based) look like –

I’ve also picked up some Wings of Victory Fireworks in the current event sites, which I haven’t seen before.  (I never think to use them.)  They kind of look impressive.

Operation Conscious Interruption

Another new Event kicked off in EVE the other day – Operation Conscious Interruption.  I’ve mostly been ignoring these Events as they are too similar and generally require logging in daily to get up enough points.

This time I happened to listen in to a couple players trying to run one of the sites, but having great difficulty holding down the Loot Cruiser.  Apparently it was very fast.

This sparked a little interest, so I started up Pyfa to look at what ship I might put together to combat this.  I looked at the Cruiser hulls with Stasis Webifier bonuses – the Vigilant, Huginn, Ashimmu and Loki (with an Immobility Driver Subsystem).  In the end I flew to Jita and fitted out a dual web Loki with Autocannons and quite a beefy shield tank.

I’ve ran half a dozen sites now and the Loki has worked fine.  With 29km bonus-ed Caldari Web’s it was able to grab and slow down the Loot Cruiser.  I was also able to take it down ok with 600DPS, but to be honest I could do with a bit more.  I found I tended to overheat to get it down quicker.

Once again however I found every site I ran was contested – often by a couple people.  While I am by default courteous and warp out of active sites, I find those same people rarely return the same favour.  I know it is (a very much encouraged) part of the game, but it tends to quickly give me a case of the “can’t be farked”.

There is apparently a battleship version of the site (that maybe has to be scanned down), and I also noticed when I killed one of the frigate rats in the site that it also dropped loot.  In addition – you get negative standings with the Vigilant Tyrannos Corp, which I believe will result in more hostile reactions from Drifters.

I might try some more of the sites later – possibly by moving to quieter areas.


I finished the course I was doing.  It took up on average 25 hours a week for 6 months.  Needless to say given how busy I was before, I’ve watched very little TV and have not done much online gaming over that time.

I’ve had a week or so now with no more study to do.  Aside trying to catch up on some chores, I have binge watched half of Season One of both The Strain and Dark Matter.  I haven’t however stepped up my gaming time yet.

Rixx Javix posted on Twitter the other day an image of his EVE “Junk” container, filled with various trade goods and collectables.  In a reply to me he remarked on wishing he had the tenacity to go around and collecting everything he had laying around space.  I’m not sure tenacity is the word for it, but I thought I would throw up some relate screen captures.  I get a perverse pleasure out of seeing how people organise their EVE Assets.

Here is my Personal Assets list.  Yes – everything in the one station.

My Assets are fairly neatly sorted.

I have containers for:

  • BPOs – Researched
  • BPOs – To be Researched
  • Build Materials
  • Build Materials – Astrahus Project
  • COSMOS – BPC, Materials and Goods
  • Consume – All Spare Ammo / Drones / Drugs / Fuel etc
  • Goods – All Tags / Trade Loot / Mission Drops etc
  • Memorabilia – Game collectiables
  • Mining – Anything to do with mining
  • Sell – Loot and Spares etc to be sold
  • Spares – All Spare Modules


My Ship Hanger at the moment:


The ships and their primary function:

  • Malediction (Hauling)
  • Exequror (Hauling)
  • Occator (Hauling)
  • Orca (Hauling)
  • Astero (Exploration)
  • Confessor (Exploration)
  • Statios (Exploration)
  • Skiff (Mining)
  • Porpoise (Mining)
  • Noctis (Salvaging)
  • Gila (PVE)
  • Cerberus (PVE)
  • Zealot (PVE)
  • A Nestor (PVE)
  • A Rattlesnake (PVE)
  • Loki (PVP)

About half of those ships are rarely used.

I currently have about 25B ISK on my main – half in ISK, half in assets.


My Corporation has One Office.  It has no assets currently stored in it.  I used the hanger layout below when I had multiple accounts / was sharing resources.  At the moment since I am only using One character, I store everything on that Character.


The Corporation has four items in space – my original four Customs Offices.  These earn just enough to cover the monthly Alliance fee.  Yes – that little.

Mostly I use my Corporation to keep my ISK sorted and stored separately, to reduce the chance through a market or contract error of losing everything in one go.

Total worth across the character and its corporation and alliance is a bit over 300B ISK.

Last of all – some in container screen captures for those who like such things (they link to full images)


Part of my Spares Container:

Part of my Consume Container:

The one area I would really love to be able to sort into one location are jump clones.  I have moved most of them around my home station, but I would really love to be able to put them all in the one spot (without using a destroy-able structure).