EVE Anywhere but not Everywhere

One of the areas CCP has been working on which has intrigued me is EVE Anywhere.  Basically, playing EVE in the Cloud through a Web Browser.  I assume a sort of in browser Remote Desktop / TeamViewer / VNC / Citrix Workplace type of deal.  I must assume as it is not available yet to people in Australia.

If you live in one of the accepted countries and are an Omega pilot, you have been able to use this service for a while.  Today CCP announced that Alpha pilots in the same countries can now also use EVE Anywhere for a price.  Paying 30 Plex gives them a 24-hour window to access it.  30 Plex is about $1.50 USD, or $2.10 Australian.


Unusually for CCP, that seems to be a reasonable price point.