How do you EVE?

I find it intriguing to see the physical locations people play EVE from.

The topic does the rounds every so often, particularly on Corp forums. I find it doesn’t generally have great patronage though, which is a pity.

Here’s how I do EVE – the photo taken today. It has not changed much since last time I posted.


To the bottom left you can see my Yamaha AV Receiver. It is hooked up to a Bose 5.1 system mounted around the study. The TV, one of the monitors, 2 PVRs and a PS3 are all hooked up through it. I can also run the sound through it from my PC, although generally don’t bother. The excellent little Bose 2.1 system attached to that more than suffices.

Also in the picture you can see my laptop (which I run EVE on when travelling), a QNAP 4 Bay NAS, a Canon Multifunction Inkjet Printer and my Rifter model atop my bookcase.

The PC was custom build some 18 months ago, and runs Windows 7 on an i7-3770, 16GB of RAM, GTX-670, 2 SSD’s, 2 HDD’s, with a Corsair Case and power supply. I am happy enough with the Logitech G710 keyboard and Steelseries mouse.

I absolutely love my dual DELL U2711 monitors, and would have upgraded to 3 of them if I had any practical way of making enough room. A large resolution EVE client is glorious.

Of an evening, after the kids and wife have gone to bed and I am free from distractions or interruptions, I like nothing better than to retreat to this excellent hermit hole for some EVE related relaxation.

2 thoughts on “How do you EVE?

  1. Yea… I have gone through multiple iterations of how & where I EvE… started on a system that was (still is actually) installed under the bar with a wall mounted flat screen and BT keyboard & mouse… Then a Dell laptop with a 22″ monitor on the kitchen table for a year… now in the Pub with a new HP laptop and the ol Dell 22″ monitor…

    One of the reasons I like the Pub now is cause every now and then, when the wife’s away, I’ll move over to the LazyBoy and port the video out to the 50″ screen and audio out to the surround sound system and ROCK the HOUSE… LOL My kids will throw a pile of pillows on the floor and watch like it’s a TV show… too funny… =]

    • My kids (4 and 8) occasionally sidle up next to me and ask if I am playing that space ship game again. Then after a couple questions they will bring up what they are really here for, which is generally downloading something for Minecraft or a video they can watch on their tablets.

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