Falling off

I am trying to squeeze in a little time to go over the announcements and presentations from this year’s EVE Fanfest. I don’t like my chances.

I started off looking at CCP’s day 1 in review:


The second item showcased what can be done by 3rd party developers through EVE Single Sign On tokens and the CREST interface.

http://spreadsheetsin.space/ by Bellatroix
https://youreveyear.appspot.com by Aaeriele
https://pozniak.pl/yearly-stats/ by Lukas Rox

I tried all three and was quite impressed. The data was not always accurate – for example I apparently had 2 killing blows this year. The errors were however mirrored across each site suggesting CREST was the issue.

There was plenty of interest to look at, such as for my main character:

In 2013 I logged in 432 times, each session averaging 1 hour and 29 minutes.

In 2014 I logged in 545 times, each session averaging 1 hour and 27 minutes.

So far in 2015 I have logged in 54 times, each session averaging 35 minutes.

That certainly reflects the proverbial brick walls I seem to have been slamming into regularly in Real Life this year, leaving me with much less time for myself.

The figures showing just how little I moved outside of High-Sec were a bit confronting. It also noted standing settings by other players. While this number was low – as you would expect given my Hermit game play, I actually had a small number of players give me Bad or Terrible standings. I was hard pressed thinking of enough occasions over the last couple years where I acted or interacted with any other pilot in a way that would have been considered an annoyance or a danger. EVE is a game of interactions, even when you are not aware of them.

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