Recruiting Troubles

When I had trouble recruiting my Alt account from my Main, I had guessed it related to both accounts being on the same email. It made sense. Yet – I was still reading about other players who did not seem to have the same issue.

A Casual Carebear Gamer kindly offered up their recruitment link, so I used it on my Alt account.

Success. I then used the link on my Main account.

So was CCP classifying my two accounts as one, because they shared the same email address? Again, makes sense – but didn’t match the experiences of others.

So I went looking for my Free 1M Skill points, and they were not on my Alt account, but were on my main.

So even though I entered my Alt’s account details, it logged me in as my Main. I double checked my Chrome browser and I wasn’t obviously logged into any EVE website / forum / account management with my Main Account. So assuming there must be some glitch where there is a cookie or token or something in Chrome showing me logged in, I tried the process on my Alt account again, using Firefox. (A browser I never use for EVE.) The recruitment process worked and I was allocated 1M free Skill Points on the second account.


Then finally – when I went to look at what benefits A Casual Carebear Gamer gets when I buy some PLEX or OMEGA time, I notice my Main comes up as being logged in on the recruitment page…

What a silly gotcha.

Given there was a 20% off sale on PLEX I added another 6 months to my main account, which should give A Casual Carebear Gamer 15 days of free Omega time (can take a day or two apparently) and an increase of 1 to their recruit count.