A rite of passage

Is it my imagination or does there seem to have been an uptick in the number of blog posts and news articles about EVE players being out and about interacting with spaceship violence? It has been good to see.

(You won’t find any of that here though.)

My main finished training Jump Drive Calibration V. I missed the occasion as with the new skill queue I had lined up a couple months of training and wasn’t paying it any attention. It seems to be one of those rite of passage skills.

He is now training up Outpost construction. I don’t have any reason to be training it, and it is highly unlikely I will ever use it, but it amuses me.

I have basically completed researching my BPO collection – some 733 of them. I have a dozen odd blueprint jobs still running, but everything will be done within the week and nothing is waiting. I haven’t got everything to ME 10 / TE 10 – where it had no benefit or to get from TE 9 to TE 10 would take more than a fortnight for an insignificant improvement, but everything is where I want it to be. Overall it took less time than expected.

I am now sitting down to look closely at the 553 BPO I was gifted. As TurAmarth ElRandir mentioned recently, it is not always easy to know how best to deal with gifted wealth from a departing player. I had put it aside for six months to facilitate its easy return incase AD changed his mind. With that anniversary recently passing I will merge the collection with my own, update any research on them as required, and list anything I might be missing.

I should remark on the fact the gift has certainly impacted my game in a positive way. I used it to fuel the POS I am using for my BP research. I would not have done that otherwise – and unexpectedly it gave me the excuse to log in daily to keep the jobs turning over, and I have enjoyed the POS investigations and overall process more than I expected. It has also left me to be a little freer with my own ISK, and I’ve spent considerable time looking at ship hulls I might not have bothered with, such as the Rorqual, Widow and Garmur. That has been its biggest lesson actually – to be freer with my ISK. You gain more enjoyment from the game by spending your ISK (within reason) than just watching it accumulate in the bank.

Right now I am using it to revisit invention and T2 manufacturing, and I am in the early stages of planning to build my first capital hull. I feel guilty that I am not making more of it, but I have obviously been extremely busy in RL and I appreciate that I am still managing to play at all.

My effort to review all my ship hulls and their fittings is progressing slowly but surely. Some were already in the right spot, some require days of EFT and in space testing. All my Orca’s now carry Hull tanks, which makes them a lot more robust. I have a couple of Falcon’s sitting in the Corporate Hangers with a new fit – the 18th version since I started to use them. I still have a lot of work in that area, but it is something suited to my limited and sporadic game time.

I do still interact with space. I am generally clearing all exploration content from my home system once every other day, or will do the occasional mission or the like to test a ship fitting. Just last night I cheekily moved 400M ISK worth of fittings out of Jita in my hauling Exequror so I can test out fitting variations on an Arazu.

It is all keeping me amused and interested.

(And if you do decide to return AD, I should be able to return the gift in one form or another!)

5 thoughts on “A rite of passage

    • My favourite hauler for small volumes..

      [Exequror, Hauler]
      Nanofiber Internal Structure II
      Nanofiber Internal Structure II
      Nanofiber Internal Structure II
      Expanded Cargohold II
      Expanded Cargohold II
      Expanded Cargohold II

      10MN Microwarpdrive II
      Large Shield Extender II
      Large Shield Extender II
      Large Shield Extender II

      Prototype Cloaking Device I
      Small Tractor Beam II
      Salvager II

      Medium Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
      Medium Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
      Medium Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I

      Vespa EC-600 x5

      Cheap, quick enough, 23K EHP, 1,000m3 cargo – or 2,100m3 with 6 Expanded Cargohold II’s.

  1. I remember the days when the Exeq used to have a cargo hold bonus (10% per gal cruiser level?). I’d need to find an old version of EFT to confirm the details, but you used to be able to fit a staggering amount of stuff inside it for a cruiser hull. Distinctly Tardis like in that respect, and very much a favorite. I think mine still has large cargo rigs on it 🙂

  2. Nice of you to link the story to TurAmarth blog, I knew Lorna well on the blog since we had similar play styles and in game as well since I bought huge quantities of moon goo from him from his operations.

    But anyway, take it as is when I say i won’t be returning! I do get a bit of pleasure in knowing the gift has helped to enrich your gaming as well allow you to do other interesting things. It’s totally up to you to do as you so choose to do with the huge gift in all that it is. Of the few people that got various portions of what i gave away you got by far the biggest chunk of it. Your deserving of the gift given, even if you truly never understand why. All that matters is that it was given to you. It’s up to you to do whatever you see fit to do with.

    I can only say I choose wisely in who i gave mostly all to my remaining assets. Maybe one day too when you leave the universe, you’ll enrich someone else life in moving on and totally confuse them too in why you choose them. Till that time, well have fun.

    • Oddly I don’t see any point in the near or medium term where I would contemplate leaving the game. If that happens I would without a doubt ensure your legacy is passed on to others.

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