I felt a bit down reading Sugar Kyle’s most recent blog post here –

I don’t know the full details, but it is sad seeing another person who I respect having their passion for EVE so damaged by parts of its community.

I read most of what CCP announce or comment on, I follow a hell of a lot of blogs, the EVE related news sites, keep half an eye on my twitter feed, a number of YouTubers, various Facebook groups and I come and go from the main forums. I think I am a relatively informed player.

If I was to describe how I interact with the EVE community I would use the word cowardly.

When I find something toxic I will occasionally blog about it – but far more often I will just stop reading. I like a proper debate. I genuinely like if someone is able to change my mind on a topic – as I think that improves me as a person. However, you rarely get proper debates within the EVE community – you either get an echo chamber or noxious conflict. I just don’t want to put up with too much of that from what is meant to be a source of entertainment.

Yes, I express an opinion in this blog, but I don’t go out of my way to promote it, defend it, or champion it. As such I am thankful for the likes of Sugar and those who have gone before her – exposing themselves to the full venom of the community to fight the good fight, and help steer the game for the good of the silent majority. I know that comes at a personal cost for them.

2 thoughts on “Toxicity

  1. I’m going to take some umbrage here. Specifically with the use of the word coward. That is way too strong a word to use, certainly in that context. If anything I’ve learned in reading your blogs is that you’re an extremely smart, cautious, and somewhat introverted individual. For your style of communication to reflect that is not cowardice in any shape or form. It is being true to your nature.

    Not everyone is a demagogue. Not everyone is attempting to own the message and massage it for their own ends, thank goodness. And not everyone wants to participate in the yelling match/pissing contest or to read about it either for that matter.

    So please. Just keep on keeping on, and do what you do so well.

    • I had to look up the meaning of demagogue!

      I wouldn’t read too much into my use of the word coward. I was thinking about how brave Sugar has been, and it was simply the antonym of that. It was said in respect to her efforts.

      (Oh, you can also swap the extremely and somewhat around in your description of me!)

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