Linked in with my previous post, Gevlon very publically makes a stand for what he believes in. I don’t view him as representing the majority in game, but I generally find interest in his posts.

He has a very dim view of the impact Citadels will have on the High Sec market and wealth distribution in game, and has announced he will stop playing in a month.

The figures he quotes about possible tax incomes are horrendous, and I know it is plausible that a handful of powerful entities will anchor a new Jita, new Amarr, new Rens and what not next door to these traditional trading hubs. I just truly can’t believe a noteworthy number of risk averse Carebears will actually move to use them exclusively.

Even if there is some unexpected rush of enthusiasm, I think it is inevitable that it will end up costing players much more than the few percent of taxes that they might save. I cannot see my risk averse Carebear brethren making Gevlon’s nightmare come true.

If Gevlon does finish up his EVE experiment, lots of respect to him for what he has achieved. He has made lots of players think about topics in different ways, and generated a lot of in game content. I think he’s been good for the game with the sense of chaos he brings to it.

If his version of the future does hold true, I agree it won’t be good for the game. I would expect however it could be addressed by changes in tax rates.

What isn’t so easy to change – as Gevlon has been trying, is the entrenched stability of the few in game super powers. At the moment they make the game less dynamic and nullify the notion of a true sandpit.

I think the outcome of the current anti Imperium/CFC war will be more telling on the future of the game than Citadels. Will it grind down, destroy and reshape the alliances of old, and bring forth a new landscape? Or will it fizzle out quickly as some of the major players are again paid off or walk away as soon as they get the hint of hard work or boredom?

I fear from the overzealous propaganda and the rush for big battles such as todays Easter War in J-GAMP and M-OEE8, that the so called Allies are hoping for a headshot, and are not likely to be in this for the long haul.  I don’t see the Imperium as dying from a headshot.  Dozens of them maybe, dozens and dozens, but do their enemies have that much stamina and ammunition?

6 thoughts on “Chaos

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  2. I think you are right in terms of what is more likely in that the outcome of the Null war will have a bigger impact on the future of Eve. And while the Imperium are wounded, the threat is not yet existential. They have options. That said, I find myself in a similar position to Gevlon (but for different reasons). If Citadels are implemented in the way currently imagined then I will probably cease. That doesn’t mean Eve has become a bad game. It is a great game and I was hooked on twitch watching it last night. But it won’t be the game I wish to play.

    • I felt like we got mixed signals with Citadels. What we are getting now is nothing like my first impressions. It also feels telling that the players more keen on them are PVP focused. It will be interesting to see how they pan out.

  3. Is it me or did everyone simply forget how to read??? The one reoccurring line in the Dev Post that matters most is:
    Is it me or did everyone simply forget how to read? The one reoccurring line in the Dev Post that matters most is:

    “As long as you are granted access by the owner there will be no limitation about creating an office there.”

    “As long as you have access you will never face an artificial limit to medical clones in Citadels.”

    “As long as you are granted access by the owner…”

    And no… I do NOT trust this:

    “…your alliance, corporation or public customers will never be denied usage of this service if you grant them access in the first place.

    You know why? Just spitballing here but the first one that came to mind is… What happens to a Hisec Citadel Trade hub who has a Director that decides in a fit of pique over whatever, to disband the owning corp and kick ALL members then quit EVE burning his char in the process?

    No… EVE players are simply too good at gaming this game, CCP Seagull herself herself said just that at EVE Downunder last year. No, if there is any way to screw lots of hisec players BIG TIME (and screwing with or taking down an established player owned Citadel based Hisec market hub would do that far better than any Burn Jita) there are those who will not hesitate but do so with glee, and I will not subject myself to that possibility no mater how slim CCP says it is.

    I don’t know about Gev or you or anyone but you can bet your sweet ass I will never do any serious business in any player owned Citadel except our own in our own hole. Nope, I’ll gladly pay 6% tax for the simple trustworthy security of NPC stations… I left Nullsuc because, well it just sucked, but also because where and how I lived and stored my stuff was at the mercy and whim of utter fools… I will never, EVER do that again.

    No, if CCP is ever actually stupid enough to get rid of NPC stations totally in favor of player controlled Stations… then, TBH, I may finally make the move to Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen.

    • I found initial comfort in the fact CCP have stated multiple times that they will not be removing NPC stations. What I hadn’t considered is that they could well Nerf them to hell!

      I believe in the grand scheme of things Citadels will have little overall impact in Hi-Sec. I don’t see them becoming new primary trading hubs. Even if I am wrong and people flock to them, I still think they will return to NPC stations once the griefing and issues hit.

      It will be interesting to see how CCP interpret their statistics on the usage. I personally won’t be using Citadels to store or sell anything.

      • I sincerely hope they mean it… if so I highly doubt Gevlon’s Raison d’ragequit will prove to be BS… I fear he will go the way Poe did (Poetic Stanziel, for them as dunt know, another of EVE’s Great Blogging Haters).

        As long as the taxes aren’t “too” high in NPCland I think you are right… I just don’t see anyone, except Chribba, being trusted enough to run a real market hub out of a Citadel.

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