There is a two hour interview with..

CCP Hellmar – CEO
CCP Falcon – EVE Community Manager
CCP Goodfella – EVE Brand Manager

.. on Talking Stations.



I have not listen to it yet (and may not bother), but there is a summary of what was said on Reddit:



This is a lazy blog post, but here is a summary (or more of a vibe) of the summary..

There have been a record number of log-ins since Blackout (I really hope CCP are not so stupid as to be including all those 60 second logins to collect skill points); people who said they would unsub have not; they are aiming to do weekly chaos changes to the game for the next 18 months to really shake things up / change culture; some changes will be liked, some with be hated; resource depletion, asset safety, asset storage volumes, asset upkeep all being considered; get back to Empire if you can’t handle it.

(I wonder if now it is someone else’s company, Hilmar Pétursson feels more courageous (and / or reckless)?)

Brave.  Stupid.  I’m not sure which.

I wonder if it will give the solo casual player more or less options in the long run?  I will sit back in Empire and wait and see what happens..

3 thoughts on “Mindset

  1. I listened to it. It is a long 2 hours and it is frustrating at times because the hosts never question a single statement along the way… five minutes in Hilmar is saying the blackout is great because MAU/DAUs are up and nobody thought to even comment that there has been an event going on specifically to drive people to login… something that would no doubt impact MAU/DAU numbers… so it is largely Hilmar and Falcon running off about their vision of the game, which they summed up as the “chaos era.”

    Hilmar is the boss, so you have to give his words some weight, but the other two have nothing to do with design or coding, so how do you measure what they say? There are a lot of choice quotes in there, and Suitonia only got some of them, but what does it mean? Is CCP really going to take a wrecking ball to null sec… and low sec, they kept saying both null sec and low sec… with a non-stop cadence of nerfs? I don’t know. In a lot of ways it felt like the sort of stuff you say when you’re drunk at university, a whole lot of vision without much regard to reality. We’ll see.

    I have to go back and listen to it again before I can put together a post, in part because I am not sure we can take it seriously.

    • I am in the process of trying to listen to it – I keep having to press pause and take a break. I can appreciate their enthusiasm, but I don’t think they realise how myopic their view is. A skilfully managed era of chaos could work well. I would just like some confidence that they can pull it off.

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