Yes Boss

The Capsuleer looked over to the neigbouring docking bay, where a huge Orca was slowly aligning at its entrance. The giant tractor beams positioned along the golden walls of the bay were activated as law dictated, but the soft blue beams they emitted showed that they were exerting no force.

The Orca moved forward at a sure and steady pace along the center line, casting a long shadow. The stabilising bars rotated and extended from the bay floor as the vessel began to settle. The observer did not feel a tremor when the ship came to rest – a level of preciseness that would not have been afforded by the station’s automatic landing systems.

The sides of the Orca split and darkened openings grew, while station ramps swung out and extended towards the hulking ship. The heavy blast walls between his and the Orca’s bay were also lumbering apart. Down below him moved a mass of his ships and supplies, readying for embarking. A Cheetah, several Thrashers, a Wolf, and even more.

He glanced at his watch – he had around 15 minutes before his boss would extract himself from his pod, shower and refresh, and make his way to his quarters. Just enough time for one last check of the manifest and to ensure he wasn’t leaving anything behind.

For all the stories about the freedom and power of the Capsuleer, they are actually focused only on the premium class of pilot. There are a great many more Capsuleers which are in fact in the servitude of a higher master.

I pulled my Low Sec Cyno Alt out of his home for the last 18 odd months, and will park him closer to my current home base. He sits in his own one man Corp. His primary role was acting as a scout in a Cheetah Covert Ops as I flew in and out of my Carrier Staging system, and of course opening Cynos in a Probe frigate. He also had an array of PVE ships (and 10M SP to use them) to be able to build standings with local factions, but I rarely bothered and for the most part he was left doing nothing at all.

Once I’ve sorted and stowed away his gear in his new home, I will use him to bookmark some of the local low sec space.

While he was moving some of his ships out of Low Sec he had a brief conversation with my old Corp’s CEO, who wished me well and said I was welcome back any time. It was a chance encounter, but appreciated. I had expected my exit from his Corp to go with minimal notice – but was kind of knocked by how minimal it really was!

One thought on “Yes Boss

  1. Yea… I wrote a post where I have one of my ALts a ‘voice’… Hiril spends all her time docked up in RvB… I really do want to make more time to fly her in RvB, but Tur is ‘me’ ingame and… well… I love HBHI and the guys I fly with here more. Angel is safed up inna C4 I was hopin to sell, but it has a Stat C5 and evidently no one is interested in the transport hassles that would engender… so the poor little thing has been lost in a hole for a month or so now… I really should treat my ALts better… =]

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