Recruit a Friend

For some time EVE has had a bonus mechanism where you get rewards if you recruit new players into the game. The scheme has had a few iterations, some more rewarding than others.

In the past this only worked for new accounts. I was alerted by a comment from Yadot and a blog post by Wilhelm Arcturus that CCP had modified the scheme so that now you could recruit existing accounts. Every account can now become a recruit, but only once.

I’ve noted many people have recruited their own alt accounts. I currently only have two accounts, and they both use the same email address. This meant it did not look like I could recruit my Alt.

If anyone who writes an EVE blog wants to drop a comment with your recruitment link, I will become your recruit. It will apparently give me 1M bonus Skill points, and bonuses to the “recruiter” if I sub an account via the account management page or buy PLEX. I can not say for sure if or when I will do either, but you will get a bonus if I do. My main is subscribed until October next year, so it might take a while…

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